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Ted's New Puppy

Here'a a picture of Wilkes County's most famous dog. Maxwell Lynwood Hayes.


3WC Scholarship Winners Announced

3WC is pleased to announce the winners of our 2009 scholarships. The winners were selected by the school's athletic departments on the following criteria:

1- The student must be an active member of the school's Fellowship of Christian Athlete's Club, if the school has one. If not, the student must exibit a "Christ-like" lifestyle and attitude. We realize that life is not only about winning and losing but also about knowing where you are going to live when you leave this world.
2- Must be an academic achiever.
3- Must be a standout athlete.

Each winner got a check for $600 and a beautiful plaque. The scholarship was made possible by the 3WC Sportsboosters.

Here are the winners:

Keith Royal- North High

Amber Huffman-West High

Anna Hayes- East Wilkes

Matt Abernathy- Wilkes Central


Josh the Kid's Historic Run

Josh the Kid, Bob Strachan and Noah Gregory ran across bridge separating the Wilkesboros on Saturday, April 11th at 7:30 p.m. to support Ebenezer Christian Children's Home.


3WC Presents The Talley Trio

3WC and Oakwoods Baptist Church hosted the Talley Trio in concert on Monday March 9th. A huge crowd was on hand to enjoy the evening with one of Southern Gospel's most loved trio's.


David Tilley....A True Tar Heel

In February, David Tilley's Duke Blue Devils were defeated by John's UNC Tar Heels. David & John had a "gentleman's agreement" that the loser had to wear the other team's apparel for a day. David looks good in baby blue!