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NC Towed and Stored Online

The State Highway Patrol is proud to announce the placement of a new Towed/Stored Vehicle Search link that has been added to the Department of Public Safety’s website.  The link was developed to assist the public in locating vehicles stored by the Highway Patrol.  Citizens may search for a vehicle by providing the owners last name, the vehicle’s license plate number, or the vehicle’s identification number (VIN). Information provided by the new link will include the towing companies address and phone number.  This information will be available to the public 24 hours a day.  The website will be updated daily and reflects a 60 day history.  Vehicles seized and stored pursuant to criminal arrest will not be populated within the list.  The list will reflect stored vehicles that have been abandoned, improperly parked, or involved in a collision.  For more information on how to locate a stored vehicle, please visit and click on the State Highway Patrol link. 


NC Company Expanding in Burke County

Governor Pat McCrory and North Carolina Commerce Secretary Sharon Decker have announced that CE FoamSolutions, LLC is expanding operations in Burke County.  The company plans to create 20 new jobs and invest $98,000 over the next three years in Valdese.  “It is great to see one of our existing industries expanding its operations in North Carolina,” said Governor McCrory.  CE FoamSolutions, LLC manufactures fabricated foam cushions and foam and fiber padding to be used in upholstered furniture. The company currently serves customers in North Carolina and Virginia, but could expand in other parts of the southeast as business grows.  CE FoamSolutions currently employs 17 at its Valdese plant.  “North Carolina’s western region continues to see growth among existing employers,” said Secretary Decker. “And the next time you buy upholstered furniture, your comfy seat may be thanks to the foam cushions made right here in North Carolina!”  The project was made possible in part by a performance-based grant from the One North Carolina Fund of up to $20,000. 


Instructor's Car Damaged at High School

The car was damaged at school during the overnight hours.  The Wilkes Sheriff's Office was called to North Wilkes High parking lot regarding damages to a personal vehicle.  The victim, who is an instructor, left his 2002 Dodge Stratus left parked in the parking lot overnight.  When he returned the next morning, all four tires were cut and a sharp instrument was used to cut the paint on the hood and truck.  Damages to the vehicle were estimated at 3000 dollars.  No suspects were listed with the report.


Another Dog Theft in Wilkes

For the second time in as many weeks, someone has reported the theft of their dog.  The victim was in the process of moving in the Millers Creek area.  He told Wilkes Sheriff's Deputies that in between trips from one house to the other house, someone stole his dog.  The victim stated that his dog usually ran free in his yard with two other dogs and did not leave his yard.  The dog disappeared on August 28th while the victim was moving.  He waited a couple of days to see if the dog returned before he called the Sheriff's Department.  Neighbors were questioned and denied knowing anything about the missing dog which is described as a Blue Pit Bull.  The stolen dog is valued at 300 dollars.


Wilkes Airport Getting a Paving Project

A paving project at the Wilkes Airport has been approved by County Commissioners.  Most of the funding for the million dollar paving project is coming from State DOT funds.  Wilkes County is responsible for 10 percent of the cost which amounts to $107,500.  Carl Rose & Sons had the lowest bid and will be repaving the planes parking area and lanes to taxiways.  New energy-efficient LED lights will be installed to reduce the county airport's power bill.  Also, new signage will be put in place to meet with state standards.  The paving project is scheduled to start later this month.


Never Leave a Child in a Car

Sunday’s tragic death of a Roanoke, Va. two-year-old left alone in a parked car has prompted safety advocates to once again spread the word about the dangers surrounding children and heatstroke.  “These tragedies are absolutely heartbreaking, and a reminder for all of us to be aware of the dangers of leaving a child alone in a car,” said Major David Carson, Wilkes County Sheriff’s Office.  Major Carson also said, “Many people are shocked to learn how hot the inside of a car can actually get. And cracking the window doesn’t help. That’s why Safe Kids is asking everyone to help protect kids from this preventable tragedy by never leaving a child alone in a car, not even for a minute."  According to Carson, there is something we all can do.  He said, "Bystanders can also help by calling 911 if they see a child alone in a car.” Heatstroke deaths have been recorded in 11 months of the year in nearly all 50 states. According to Safe Kids Worldwide, heatstroke is the leading cause of non-crash, vehicle-related deaths for children.  This happens more than you would think.  Every 10 days in the United States a child dies when left alone in a hot car. For more safety information, please visit  


Labor Days for On the Road, On the Water

The North Carolina State Highway Patrol along with the Division of Law Enforcement Wildlife Resources Commission have released the final totals for “On the Road, On the Water, Don’t Drink & Drive” Labor Day campaign. The campaign which targeted safe and sober operation of motor vehicles and boats began Friday, August 29ththrough Monday, September 1st.  This  campaign is a multi-agency initiative that is designed to combine law enforcement resources to ensure that all motorists can safely travel on highways and waterways during the summer months.  Last year, the Highway Patrol investigated 355 fatal collisions and over 12,800 injury collisions during the summer months. This included 55 fatal collisions and 838 injury collisions due to impaired driving.  The Labor Day totals for the Highway Patrol were over 8700 citations including 325 for DWI, over 1300 seatbelt violations, and 35 drug charges.  Wildlife Resources Commission had nearly 500 citations over Labor Day including 11 for operating while impaired.  Operation “On the Road, On the Water, Don’t Drink & Drive” was focused on three key summer travel holiday weekends; Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day.  


NC Grape Month

In recognition of the state’s growing grape industry, Gov. Pat McCrory has proclaimed September 2014 as North Carolina Grape Month. One indicator of the industry’s maturity is the federal government’s recent designation of a fourth American Viticultural Area in the state. The Upper Hiawassee Highlands AVA covers 690 square miles within the upper Hiawassee River basin in Western North Carolina. It joins the Haw River, Swan Creek and Yadkin Valley AVAs.North Carolina boasts more than 400 commercial grape growers. Muscadines are grown mainly in the East, while European-style vinifera grapes are grown in the West and Piedmont. While many of the grapes are used to make wines and other specialty products, there is also a significant fresh market for the fall fruit. In September and October, shoppers can find fresh, native muscadine grapes at farmers markets and roadside stands.“The fresh-market crop is looking great thanks to drier weather over the past few weeks,” Winslow said. “Drier weather concentrates the juice inside the grape and the fruit tastes sweeter.” North Carolina’s grape-growing history dates to the late 1500s, when Sir Walter Raleigh’s explorers first noticed wild scuppernongs on Roanoke Island.


Natural Gas Pipeline Comes to NC

In other state news--Robeson County is expected to see a boom in economic growth as a result of a proposed 550-mile natural gas pipeline that will originate in Harrison County, W.Va., pass through Virginia, and end here, Gov. Pat McCrory announced this week.  “The Atlantic Coast Pipeline is one of the largest projects of its type in the nation and represents a significant investment in our state,” McCrory said. “This economic project will drive economic growth and create much needed jobs for Eastern North Carolina. In addition, this new interstate natural gas pipeline will provide our entire state with new access to abundant, clean, reliable and competitively priced supplies of natural gas.”  For Robeson County, where officials say the lack of natural gas has cost the county industry, the new pipeline is expected to open new doors for economic development.


Church Heat/AC Unit Damaged

They attempted to steal either the copper wire or the unit belonging to a church.  The Wilkes Sheriff's Office was called to the Refuge Community Church in Elkin.  The pastor told Deputies that he noticed problems with the air conditioning unit and called for a repairman to check it.  The pastor was shown by the repairman where someone had tried to cut the copper wiring.  The suspect was not successful in stealing copper or the unit; however, there was a lot of damage and the unit may need to be replaced.  The damages to the Rheem Heat/Air Pump are listed at 5000 dollars.  There is no word on suspects.