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Boat, Trailer Stolen

The thing about a boat sitting on a trailer unattended is that anyone can hook up to it and tow it off. Many people put locks on thir hitches to prevent that, but as one man learned this weekend, that doesn't always help. Edward Glen Barnes told deputies this weekend that a boat and trailer he left at his rental property in Boomer had been stolen. The last time he'd checked on it, according to the crime report, was back on the 12th. The boat is a 12-foot Sea King, valued at 500-dollars, and the trailer is valued at 300-dollars. No one who lives nearby saw anythingout of place during the two weeks in question.


Wilkes, or COPS?

A local crime report from this weekend reads like a script for the TV show COPS. Deputies were called to Regina Brown's home on Stateview Drive Friday night because there was a fight going on. Brown first told deputies her boyfriend, Manuel Echeverria, had broken into her house and assaulted her. He was still in the house, Brown told deputies as they stood outside.

As a deputy walked into the house, he encountered Hector Reyes, who told him Manuel had run out the back door. Not so, said Brown, who told deputies Manuel was hiding in a closet. It turned out she was right. The deputy had to draw his firearm in order to get Echevarria out of the closet. Echevarria pushed the handgun out of the way and simply walked past the deputy, who tried to get him out the back door. But as the deputy pushed him out the back doo, Echevarria turned around and walked back in. That resulted in him being handcuffed. As two deputies tried to get Echevarria under control, Reyes started to get in the way, saying they were going to have to arrest him, too. When he wouldn't back away from the situation, one of the deputies was suddenly very happy to oblige his wish to be arrested.

Both men ended up in the back seat of a patrol car. As the deputy went around the house to get his flashlight, which had been dropped in the back yard, he heard a pop and turned around to find Echevarria had kicked out the back window and was trying to get away. That earned Echevarria a round of pepper spray. Once both men were suitabley restrained, the deputies again spoke with Ms. Brown, who changed her story. Now she said Echevarria had not broken in, he was let in by Reyes, and the assault occured between the two men and did not involve her.

Echevarria and Reyes continued causing problems on the way to jail, Echevarria claiming he was having a seizure and Reyes beating his head on the wall of an isolation cell, both earning a trip to WRMC where doctors looked them over and sent them back to jail. When it was all said and done, Echevarria was charged with two counts of resisting an officer, damaging county property, and 2nd-degree trespass. Reyes was charged with 3 counts of resisting an officer. And the deputy had another stack of paperwork to fill out to explain the broken back window in the patrol car.


Stolen Truck Recovered

Wilkes county sheriff deputies recently recovered a vehicle stolen in Caldwell county. The Chevy 3500 pickup, worht 90-thousand dollars, is owned by a Pennsylvania company. Deputies say the truck had been parked in open country near Ronda for some time, as they had received multiple calls to check on it. But the first time they went out, the vehicle ID number hadn't been entered into the national crime database, so they left the truck there, to be towed off later as an abandoned vehicle if it remained long enough. Different people called in the truck on the side of the road the next day, and this time when deputies ran the VIN, it turned up as stolen. Deputies called a local towing service to remove the truck and secure it until Caldwell County deputies could give it the once-over. The Caldwell Conyt case remains unsolved, and it doesn't appear the truck was damaged ot anything was taken from it.


License Check Leads to Drunk Driver

A recent driver's license check netted sheriff deputies one drunken driver, who went to great lengths to avoid the checkpoint. Deputies say they were running a check lane at Sparta Road and Ruritan Road recently. A car approached the checkpoint, and instead of pulling in line, the driver turned off his headlights and pulled into a nearby driveway. He backed out of the driveway, and hit the gas, spinning out as he took off in the other direction. Three deputies sped off behind him and got him stopped within a couple of miles.

When 27-year old Glenn Perry Junior got out of the car, deputies say he was wearing only blue jeans and a pair of socks. He leaned over and knocked on the back tire of his car with his had, saying he thought he had a flat. The deputies say the oder of alcohol was strong, and when he was given a breath test, Perry blew a .12. When asked how much he had had to drink, Perry said "about 12." Deputies say he was very unsteady on his feet, and pleaded with them not to arrest him, as he had been stopped earlier in the day in Allegheny for drunken driving and had already done time for yet another case of D-U-I. It was not surprise to deputies to find out he wasn't carrying a driver's license -- in fact, he didn't even have a valid one, because it had been revoked. Deputies did arrest Perry,l on a charge of drunken driving, one of driving on a revoked license, and one of a ficticious tag.


Mailbox Damage Reported

A couple of Wilkes homeowners say they've been the victims of mailbox bashings. Both cases have been reported recently, one in Roaring River and the other outside North Wilkesboro. Billy Ray Billings says he believe he knows who hit his mailbox, because he's been having problems with someone recently, including a couple of other cases of damaged property. This unidentified man had been seen across the street mowing the lawn the day before the box was hit. The other man told the deputy yes, he had been mowing across the street from the Billings, but during taht time Billings had been harassing him, and his mailbox was also damaged about the same time as Billings' was.

In the other case, two men reported a vehicle had run off the road and smacked into their mailboxes. They didn't see the incident happen, and their neighbors also had not seen anything.


Burglary Suspects Caught

Sheriff deputies have arrested three Wilkes residents for stealing over 1-thousand dollars worth of items from another person. 27-year old Eric Randal Wyatt, 26 year old Emma Denise Perry, and 60-year old J-C Perry were charged with breaking into a garage owned by Brenda Johnson and stealing a number of items. Johnson called deputies a few days ago, saying she had actually confronted Wyatt in the act of stealing. He told her Mr. Perry had used bolt cutters to break the lock on Johnson's garage some time ago, and the three had been stealing items a few at a time. Stolen items included a John Deere Corn Planter, an Antique Cross-Cut Saw, A chain saw, a number of gardening tools., a willer, and antique pedal car, 50 antique bottles, some automotive tools, a pair of fender skirts for a 1955 Chevy, and a creeper. Most of the items had been sold; Wyatt did return the corn planter and cross-cut saw.


Toolbox, Tools Stolen

A local man says his outbulidng was broken into recently, and he's out a rare toolbox and set of tools. Matthew Scottie Foster called deputies Wedneday afternoon, about half a day after he discovered the break-in. It happened at a home where he used to live, and was reported to him by a neighbor. The thief had broken a lock on the outbuilding. Foster found a screen had been ripped off the back window of the building, but apparently the thief could not get in that way, because the lock had been knocked off the hasp. The burglar stole a Jesse James collector toolbox and tool set, valued together at one-thousand dollars. Foster noted a number of distinguishing features of the box and the tools, so police will be able to identify them if they show up on area pawn sheets. Neighbors don't report seeing anything, but the deputy working the case believes he may have developed a lead, according to his crime report.


Stolen: One Catalytic Converter

When you hear what was stolen and where it happened, you're likely to wonder how no one could have seen it. A Wilkes man, Zachary Ferguson, tells sheriff deputies he went out to the Warrior Creek Boat Ramp last Saturday morning about 9, and parked his Toyota 4-Runner in the middle parking area. He was gone until about 1pm, and when he started the truck up, he noticed it sounded like it had no muffler. So he shut it down and got out, laing down to look under the S-U-V. Sure enough, part of the exhaust sysem was unattached -- but it wasn't the muffler. Someone had crawled under the 4-Runner and stolen the catalytic converter. Ferguson has no idea who might have taken the part worht about 300-dollars, and there wasn't anyone who reported seeing a person under the S-U-V.


Deputy Averts Attack by Using Pepper Spray

A Wilkes County Sheriff Deputy repots he was assaulted this week. Fortunately, the assault was only verbal, but the situation very nearly escalated to blows. Deputy Jonathon Watson was called Wednesday evening to a domestic disturbance on Rock Creek Road in Hays. By the time he arrived, he found a man passed out and his wife packing up to leave. With the situation calmed down, Watson and the unidentified woman left the house. He parked at the Mountain View galaxy a while later, and while he was talking with another deputy, the woman came up to them and said her husband had just celled and told her to get back to the house or he'd come looking for her. She was worried that he'd get in the car, nearly passing-out drunk.

Watson and the other deputy returned with the woman to the house. He says when he walked into the house, the man woke up and seemed pretty confused about what was happening at the time. The other deputy stepped outside to check on a car that had just pulled up, and during that time the man started yelling at Deputy Watson, cursing him and threatening him. The deputy pulled out his pepper spray, and the man, 42-year old Richard Barry Ayers, made threats to Watson if he chose to spray him. Watson says Ayers appeared to be getting ready to take a swing at him, so he shot him with the pepper spray and ordered him to the floor. He was able to cuff Ayers without further incident. After being cleaned up a the jail, Ayres was given a bond of 750-dollars on the cahrges of assaulting an officer and communicating a threat.


Chase Results in Tickets, Arrest

A man speeding through the area prompted a police chase, but by the time deputies got him stopped, he was no longer driving the car. In a report released today, a deputy says he was on routine patrol last weekend on Mount Carmel Road, and encountered a man speeding toward him in the oncoming lane. The deputy estimated his speed at 70 miles an hour, and confirmed it with radar. As the deputy tried to turn around and followed the man, the car sped up and swerved into the opposite lane. The deputy was unable to catch up with the car. He turned around again, and as he passed a house, the homeowner flagged him to a side road, indicating the driver had turned down that road. Again, the driver took off, speeding down Mount carmel Road. This time, the deputy finally caught up with him, and found that the man in the driver's seat was not the one he'd seen driving the car originally -- but the passenger was. The deputy asked Jimmy Porter to get out of the car, and he admitted later he had switched places with Michael Finney.

The man who had flagged the deputy to indicate where the car had gone, pulled up a bit later, and said the driver had sped into his driveway and almost hit an 8-year old child. He confirmed the drivers had switched before taking off southbound. Jimmy Porter was issued a ticket fro reckelss driving, while Michael Finney was arrested for driving with a revoked license, speeding, and reckless driving.