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Foxx: Cutting Deficit Requires Less Gov't Spending

The latest estimates from the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office place the federal deficit at 62-percent of the country's gross national product. It has ballooned to that level from 40% of the GNP in just 18 months. In an appearance on yesterday's Focus on the Foothills, Fifth District Congresswoman Virginia Foxx said the only way to curb the deficit is to cut spending.

We'll have additional comments from Fifth District Representative Virginia Foxx in upcoming 3WC Newscasts.


Woman Files Complaint Days After Dog Attack

The owner said she'll work harder to keep her dog in line because she wants to keep her pet. That's because last week, her dog allegedly got out and attack a neighbor in Wilkesboro. Police say the neighbor was not seriously hurt and even put off filing the complaint until a few days after the attack. Police did a follow up within another day to talk with the suspect dog's owner about keeping her dog on a leash when its out in the neighborhood and secured when its out in it yard. Police said they'll keep an eye on the situation.


Stuff Stolen While Woman Dances at Rigby's

Here's a lesson in keeping an eye on your stuff: A woman was at Rigby's last Saturday and decided to get up and dance. That meant she left her cell phone and wallet on a table unsecured. When the dance was over, she told police her cell phone and wallet were gone from the table. Police say the first lesson is don't leave your stuff. The woman said she wasn't going to report the missing property until she thought about what was in the wallet. She has since had to cancel all her bank, ATM and credit cards and reported her cell phone as stolen. The second lesson is when this happens, cancel your cards, have your cell phone turned off and plan on starting over.


Alexander Co Authorities Looking for Escapee

Alexander County law enforcement officers are looking for an escapee from the medium security portion of Alexander Correctional Institution who got out about 1:30 yesterday afternoon. He was last spotted in the vicinity of Old Landfill Road and Crouch Road wearing brown prison clothes and a white t-shirt. Officials say the man is Xavier H. Shaw, a black man, 43 years old, 5 feet 10 inches tall, weighing about 190 pounds. Alexander County Sheriff's Office was notified that Shaw was working on prison grounds outside the facility and escaped on a truck. Anyone with information should call 911.


North Wilkes Fireworks After the Parade on Saturday

The bombs will burst in air on Saturday, July 3rd. Before that, the Annual Emergency Vehicle Parade is at 830 p, in North Wilkesboro. The fireworks are at Memorial Park after the parade.


Shorter School Year Approved for WIlkes

The Legislature has done its part, enabling Wilkes County Schools a second year to try a pilot school calendar that has students in class for 162 days, rather than the traditional 180 days. The change was approved for Wilkes County as part of the state budget bill, as it was last year.

Though state law requires at least 180 days and 1,000 hours of instruction, the change inserts an "or" to allow Wilkes County Schools to meet the 1,000 hours of instruction in fewer days by extending the school day by 45 minutes. Wilkes school officials say that the change saved the system $815,000 this past year. The county school board will adopt the calendar for the coming school year, with an expected start date of Aug. 24. A report in the Winston-Salem Journal incorrectly lists the start date as August 2nd.


WCC Adds Simulation and Gaming Courses

Here's what every college student wants to learn: gaming development. Maybe they do! Its part of Wilkes Community College's new curriculum: simulation and gaming development. Students who want to be the first to learn the newage skill need to enroll now. The academic program will give students a broad background in arts, creative writing, 3D modeling, design and other facets of gaming and simulation. For mor info,


Alleged Shoplifter Arrested

Wilkesboro Police arrested a shoplifter from a local retailer this week. Police say the loss prevention director called to say he'd been watching two women who had been shopping for about an hour when they finally left. As the driver got into a car, she sped off, leaving the passenger. Police arrested that woman, took her before the magistrate and served her with the arrest warrant for the alleged shoplifting, then took her to jail.


Moody's Grocery Owner Assaulted

The Wilkes County Sheriff's department said the owner of Moody's Grocery on Old US 21 in Thurmond was assaulted on Tuesday. Officials say Don Moody told them that a slim built white man in his 20s came into the store, picked up a bottle of Gatorade and went to the register. Officials say when Moody opened the register to make the transaction, the man hit him in the back of the head with an unknown object, then told to lie on the floor or he'd be killed. Sheriff's officials say the suspect took 500 dollars and fled in a mid-sized, gray, late model vehicle. Officials say the suspect was wearing a black T-shirt and had dark hair. Moody was treated and released from the hospital.


Clean Coal System Piloted in North Wilkesboro Achieves First Commercial Sale

You may be surprised to find out North Wilkesboro is on the forefront of research into clean coal. A pilot system built two years ago is not only producing gas to be burned at power plants, but has provided researchers insights that have led to the first sale this week of a commercial system to turn coal into natural gas.

Robert Walker, who is best known for pioneering the Sleep Number bed sold by Select Comfort Corp., now says he’s come up with a way to convert coal into synthetic natural gas - with a closed-loop system that superheats the fuel without burning it. Walker founded Brooklyn Park-based Bixby Energy Systems Inc., which sold biomass stoves fueled by corn stalks, as a side business. He developed what’s now called “the Bixby Process,” which heats coal to 1,400 degrees in a sealed chamber. At that temperature, the coal separates into synthetic natural gas and semi-activated carbon. The gas can be drawn off to burn at power plants; much of the carbon can be marketed, as well.

Converting old coal plants to natural gas typically boosts efficiency from 35 to 65 percent. Walker claims that the Bixby Process can capture up to 80 percent of the power from coal.

Backed by more than $40 million in private investments, the nine-year-old company built a pilot system two years ago in North Wilkesboro, where research on the synthesized natural gas also takes place.