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Stolen Stuff Found

Several thousand dollars of property stolen, then located -- it turned out family members were responsible. Samuel Davis reported the theft, from his basement, early Friday morning. He hadn't realized the basement had been broken into until his sister told him she'd seen her ex-husband, Dennis Henry Huffman, wearing a watch and cap she knew to be her brother's. When Davis checked his basement, he found a variety of items stolen, including two DVD players, two shotguns, a muzzle loader, a play station, jewelry, and three blankets. Total value was over 3-thousand dollars, plus about 350 dollars damage to the back door, which had been kicked in.

When deputies went to Huttman's house, they found the stuff. They arrested Huffman and his girlfriend, Ashley Lovette. Each faces charges of breaking and entering, theft, and possession of stolen property.


Laptop Stolen from NWHS

Wilkes county sheriff deputies have been working for a couple of months to locate a laptop computer stolen out of a local high school. The laptop disappeared just before Christmas break, on December 19th. It wasn't reported until the break was over in early January, and the report was released last week. A teacher at North Wilkes High School reported she had left her laptop in a classroom that another teacher was borrowing during finals week. She came back to find the computer gone. Deputies pulled a list of all the students who were through the classroom, interviewed several, and have turned up nothing. The computer has been entered into the national crime database, and deputies are watching local pawn tickets to see if it turns up.


Gun Stolen, Thieves Admit It

The three people arrested after a police chase in Wilkes Thursday allegedly started their crime spree a day earlier by stealing a gun and a tool that would hep them stay a step ahead of the law -- a police scanner. Eddie Settle, Melissa Huffman, and Ronald Anglin face a number of charges in the several related cases. The break-in that netted the three the gun and scanner happened sometime Wednesday and wasn't reported until after the chase Thursday. When Kenneth Minton called to report the theft, a deputy immediately keyed on the 30-06 rifle that had been stolen as possibly being the one recovered at the end of the chase. Settle, Huffman, and Anglin admitted they'd broken in and stolen the rifle and the scanner Wednesday, as they were planning and preparing for their robbery spree Thursday.


More Men Implicated in Fall Break-In Spree

Wilkes County deputies have charged two new suspects in connection with the large amount of stolen property seized during a raid on a North WIlkesboro man's home late last year. At the time they raided Gene Haymond's home with the help of Wilkesboro and North Wilkesboro Police, deputies said the arrest would solve more than a dozen break-ins and burglaries that had happened in the previous weeks. As Haymond's scheduled trial date nears, he is implicating others in some of the break-ins and in what was done with the property that was stolen.

For instance, Haymond has implicated Daniel Wayne Richter, a 32-year old local man, in several of the crimes, and 36-year old Jeremy Lee Ebersole in several other burglaries, along with helping him get rid of some of the stolen property. In one case, Haymond says Ebersole drove with him to Maryland the day after a business break-in, to get rid of a stolen Kubota tractor. According to supplements filed in most of the cases this week, Haymond has implicated Richter or Ebersole for a role in nearly all of the crimes for which he stands charged. Both are in jail on other charges, and will now face additional charges related ot his series of crimes.


Robberies, Chase, Wrecks -- Now Jail

At least two break-ins, a chase, and several people captured. That's the result of a wild period yesterday afternoon in North Wilkesboro and the county. The report filed by sheriffs deputies indicates the original incident was an armed robbery at a home on Old Highway 60 in Millers Creek. In that robbery, an elderly woman had a number of prescription pain killers stolen at gunpoint. Shortly after that, a report went out of an armed robbery at a location in North Wilkesboro, not identified in the sheriff's report, but w understand that tho be Brame-Huie Pharmacy. The robbers sped off from there and were involved in two hit and run accidents, then abandoned the car in the 700 block of Friendship Cross street. Deputies and officers fanned out in the area, and located the group of thieves in the area of 268 Spainhouder.

Upon arresting the three suspects, officers recovered a pistol, which turned out to have been taken in yet another break-in, and numerous pills of methadone and oxycodone that one of the suspects, Eddie Settle, had tried to stuff in his pants. The other two suspects are identified as 38-year old Ronald Eugene Anglin Junior and 31 year old Melissa Kay Huffman.

Settle was charged with 9 counts ranging from trafficking in controlled substances to armed robbery; Anglin and Huffman were each charged with four crimes. This is only the count from the sheriff's office; as of news time, we had not received a count from North Wilkesboro Police. All three are jailed at this time.


Large Fire at Tyson Welding Shop

Wilkesboro and North Wilkesboro firefighters were called this morning to a large blaze at Tyson. Nick Hamby with the Fire Marshal's office tells me the fire was noticed about 9:30 by a man working in the Tyson Welding shop. The man was able to get out of the shop safely, but by the time firefighters arrived, the flames ahd worked their way up the wall and into the roof insulation of the building, and the blaze was shooting flames through the roof.

Fighting the fire immediately became what firefighters call a "defensive" attack, where they set up trucks outside and simply pour great amounts of water on it from the top. To have gone inside would have been too dangerous for the firefighters. Hamby says the metal building is a total loss, but he did not have an estimate of the total value of the building and its contents. At one point the column of smoke rising formthe building looked similar to a tronado, when viewed from across town. The smoke and the fire lines, plus the fact that Tyson is at such a traffic congestion point anyway, led Wilkesboro Police to block off much of the traffic flow and redirect drivers around the scene. North Wilkesboro firefighters remained on scene for aobut two hours; Wilkesboro firefighters were there about two hours longer.


Playstation Stolen, Family Blames Teen's Friends

A rural North Wilkesboro family believes some of their son's friends are repsonsible for taking the boy's Playstation 3 this week. The teenager came home from school Tuesday afternoon and discovered the gaming station missing. His older brother had left the door unlocked earlier in the day when he left for work, and it appears the teen-aged theives walked into the house rather than forcing their way in. The family says these two boys, ages 14 and 15, are the only people thier son associates with that knew he had a Playstation 3. One of them had visted last week and saw where it was set up. Neighbors don't report seeing anyone leaving the house or carrying the Playstation, but they do report an unknown 17-to-20 year old person was walking down the street near the home between 1:30 and 2 Tuesday afternoon.


More Paint Ball Vandalism

Another Wilkes property has been shot up with a paint ball gun. But this time, the vandals caused even more damage. The property on Jim Caudill Road almost appears abandoned, according to sheriff deputies, who say the house is unmaintained and falling in from weather deterioration and has no roof. The owner's son, Matthew Weber, says it had been about a week since he'd checked the property when he made the report on Tuesday. During that week, someone had shot a camper stored there with paint balls, shot more paint balls at the side of the house, broke out nearly all the windows of the camper, and borke seven windows in the house. Weber says he had a Jeep stored inteh basement, and the vandals broke out the windshield, as well. Total damage is estimated at about 29-hundred dollars. There are no suspects.


Clingman Pitstop Break-In

A thief went to a lot of efffort to get cigarettes from a local store this week. A newspaper carrier spotted a broken window at Clingman Pitstop early yesterday, and called the sheriff's office. Deputies entered the store along with the owner, who determined about 50 cartons of cigarettes were missing. The security tape shows a middle aged white male entering the store with a trash can. Deputies say it appeared he knew the camera setup, because he walked backward all the way to the storeroom, so his face wouldn't show. A few minutes later, the man is seen hauling the full trash can back out. He'd used a rock to break a window on the store's front door. Total loss is 15-hundred dollars for the smokes, and 300-dollar to repair the door.


Only There A Week, and He Pulls This...

A Roaring River man is accused of defrauding two businesses, one of them a local convenience store. Sheriff deputies say J36-year old James Kelly Shepherd worked for a trucking company for one week last year, and during that time obtained nine checks. These are a special kind of check that is used at truck stops and stores, and has to be authorized through a fleet management company to be valid. However, he cashed the checks, written for a total of over 16-hundred dollars, at Thurmond Grocery, which had no knowledge the checks needed pre-approval. He said they were paychecks.

The checks, of course, bounced, sticking Thurmond Grocery with the face value plus about 225-dollars in bank fees. According to the store owner, Shepherd admitted to the fraud, and apologized, offering the excuse he was hooked on meth. However, he has made no attempt to make good the money the store lost, so the owner has filed charges. Deputies will serve Shepherd with warrants charging that he obtained property by false pretense.