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Troxler: Option Coming Soon for Getting Rid of Prescription Meds

North Carolinians will have a new option for disposing of their unused pharmaceuticals if a program proposed by the N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services receives federal approval.

Staff members with the department’s Pesticide Disposal Assistance Program have asked the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency to allow the program to collect unused prescription drugs and other medications alongside unwanted pesticides. The department submitted its application in October. DEA approval is necessary because the program might collect controlled substances.

“Our department pioneered the safe collection and disposal of pesticides back in 1980,” said Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler. “By slightly modifying our program, we can also become a national model for helping citizens safely get rid of unused medications. At a time when concern about medications ending up in our nation’s waters is growing, this program could be a great benefit to our state.”


Easley: Tourism Spending Jumps 7%

Gov. Mike Easley announced yesterday that visitors to North Carolina spent more than $16.5 billion in 2007, an increase of 7.2 percent from 2006. The amount was more than the previous record of $15.4 billion set in 2006. Employment in the travel and tourism industry for 2007 also saw an increase of 2 percent compared with the previous year.

“From skiing in the winter to an endless variety of summer vacation opportunities, the many wonderful attractions in North Carolina make our state one of the nation’s top travel destinations,” said Easley. “Our aggressive efforts to promote tourism are paying off in good jobs and more recreational opportunities for residents and visitors alike.”

The visitor spending figures are the preliminary results of an annual study of the travel industry in North Carolina conducted by the Travel Industry Association of America. The study uses tax revenue data to determine the overall economic impact of travel from both domestic and international sources.


Teen Assaulted, Receives Ticket, Too

A Moravian Falls teen was beaten up at a drinking party with some buddies early yesterday. Deputies were called to a home on Garry Road about 1:45 yesterday morning along with EMS, after someone in the house called 9-1-1 because 18-year old Daniel Robert Anderson was unconscious after allegedly being beaten up by 30-year old Joshua Schill. As the deputies arrived, paramedics were rolling Anderson out of the house on a stretcher, bound for Wilkes Regional Medical Center. As deputies interviewed Anderson and another teen, 19-year old Todd Eugene Wyatt, they realized both were drunk, and neither was of age. Both ended up being cited for possession of alcohol by a minor. A fourth person, Damen Barker, told deputies he had seen Schill beat Anderson repeatedly around the head, until Anderson fell down unconscious, which is how paramedics found him. Schill was arrested for Assault Inflicting Serious Injury.


Stealing a Cop Movie

There's more than a bit of irony to a shoplifting case reported over the weekend. Wilkesboro Police were called to Wal-Mart last night because an employee had watched 17-year old Timothy Parker put 5 Blu-Ray DVDs in his jacket and walk out of the store. Among those 5 DVD's: Rush Hour 3, a movie about two cops...
When Parker got to the parking lot, the loss-prevention employee detained him for police, who recovered all 5 of the DVD's, which were valued together at about 135-dollars. The officer cited Parker for misdemeanor larceny and he was let go.


Easley Announces Teacher Working Conditions Survey

Gov. Mike Easley announced today that the 2008 Teacher Working Conditions Survey is available for educators to complete at The survey, which is available online today through April 21, 2008, gathers feedback from the state’s teaching professionals to help shape state education policy, strengthen classroom working conditions and enhance the learning environment for students.

“When teachers in North Carolina speak, we listen,” said Easley. “Since 2002 when the first survey was administered, we have used their feedback to shape statewide education policies and improve schools across the state. With more than 20 other states now adopting this initiative, North Carolina is leading the nation in education innovation.”

Survey questions focus on time, facilities and resources, school leadership, professional development and teacher empowerment. A record 75,600 educators from more than 1,985 schools participated in the voluntary 2006 Teacher Working Conditions Survey. This year’s survey has been expanded to include questions just for principals, developed by administrators and key education groups from across the state, to help them better look at school administration concerns.


Local Arrested for Scam Participation

A Wilkes woman was arrested outside a local bank, apparently because she was taking part in one of the so-called "Nigerian" scams that are seen frequently in email. Police detained Ashely Dawn Greene, a 24-year old Miller's Creek woman, outside the Community Bank in Wilkesboro. Bank officials had detected a fraudulent check and called police when Greene showed up to close her account. She was also wanted by sheriff's deputies for a similar incident at the bank branch in Miller's Creek. She told officers sh had taken a job where she receives checks regularly and is supposed to cash them and send the money to another location by Western Union. First the checks had been in other people's names, she said, then when she couldn't cash the check without ID, the company told her it would make the checks to her instead. A search of her home turned up several of these checks, including a couple for the 49-hundred dollars that's been the most common scam check amount recently. It's unclear whether Greene was knowingly participating in the fraud, but she was arrested so officers could work out what her involvement is without a chance she'd disappear. They have named two other local suspects in the case but have not reported arresting them, yet.


Annual "Booze It and Lose It" Campaigh Ends Tonight

The annual St. Patrick's Day "Booze It and Lose It" campaign by highway patrol troopers and local law enforcement runs through tis evening. Across North Carolina, state and local law enforcement officers have cracking down on drunk drivers, working overtime shifts paid for by the Governor’s Highway Safety Program’s so they can saturate the highways with patrols.

“St. Patrick’s Day has become a popular occasion to celebrate with friends and family, but it could turn deadly if someone drives drunk,” Governor Easley said Friday in a statement. “Whether you are meeting a few friends after work or attending a St. Patrick’s Day party, make the right decision, do not drink and drive.”

There were 156 alcohol-related crashes on North Carolina roads during the 2007 St. Patrick’s Day weekend which resulted in one fatality and 103 injures, according to the N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles.


Names of Those Killed in Friday Wreck Released

Authorities have released the names of the two people who died in a wreck Friday morning north of Elkin 30-year old Bradley Martin was killed on impact when his motorcycle hit a logging truck. Highway patrol troopers say the impact was head-on, after martin crossed the center line. His son, 9-year old Cody Martin, was airlifted to Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, where he died a few hours later. The accident happened on Highway 21 about 10 miles North of Elkin near State Road, about 10 Friday morning. The investigation shut down the highway for much of the rest of the day.


Two Die in Motorcycle/Truck Wreck This Morning

Two people have died due to a wreck between a motorcycle and a logging truck this morning near State Road. Highway Patrol troopers have not completed their investigation of the wreck, which happened on Highway 21 about a mile and a half north of Traphill Road shortly after 10 this morning. We have been able to learn that one person was airlifted from the scene to Baptist Medical Center, but he died shortly after arrival at the hospital. The other person died at the scene. Both people were riders on the motorcycle -- the logging truck driver was not injured. The wreck closed down Highway 21 for much of the midday and afternoon. Because it is still under investigation and notification of family has not been completed, troopers are not releasing details of the wreck or the names of the victims yet.


Man Tasered After Taking A Swing At A Cop

A local homeless man became combative as he was being taken into custody by police this week, eventually earning himself a stun from a sheriff deputy's Taser. The deputy was passing by where a Wilkesboro officer had stopped 43-year old Perry Thornley on River Street late Wednesday night, and saw him struggling with the officer. The deputy stopped and helped the officer take Thornley into custody, and the deputy took him to the booking area because the police cruiser did not have a protective cage. Thornley calmed down a little, but when he was actually being brought into the jail, he took a swing at the officer when he was released to complete the booking paperwork. The officer and a detention deputy took Thornley down, and the deputy pulled his Taser and used it to drive-stun Thornley. That's where the Taser is placed directly against a person and activated. The resulting shock incapacitated Thornley long enough to be restrained once again and placed in a holding cell. The Wilkesboro officer has filed charges of assault on a cop against Thornley.