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Tools Stolen from Wilkes Chicken Farmer

Sheriff deputies are still trying to put together some leads in the theft of more than 17-hundred dollars worth of tools from a McGrady man. Bobby Faw called deputies to his chicken houses on Radical Road yesterday morning. Sometime late Sunday night or early yesterday, an unknown person had broken into one of the storage buildings and stolen two heavy-duty Craftsman drills, a gas-operated nail gun, several Milwaukee-brand 28-volt tools, a disc grinder, a battery charger and a 12-inch Craftsman table saw. The thief apparently dropped a couple of the tool battery packs on the way out, but deputies' attempts to recover fingerprints from them were not successful. Faw was not able to provide any possible suspects, and the case remains under investigation.


Fibrowatt Open Houses Next Week

Wilkes County residents are invited to attend a community Open House on Wednesday, November 14 where they can learn more about a company that has been invited to consider the region as a possible location for a new biomass-fueled power plant. The Open House will be held from 4:00 – 7:00 pm at the Walker Center at Wilkes Community College in Wilkesboro.

Another Open House is being held in Surry County on Tuesday, November 13. That meeting will be held from 4:00 – 7:00 pm at the N.C. Extension Service, 210 North Main Street in Dobson, NC.

IN a news rlease today, Fibrowatt says it is a pioneer in generating renewable energy using poultry litter and other biomass materials. The company recently opened a new plant in Benson, Minnesota — the first commercial power plant in the nation fueled primarily with poultry litter. The plant converts the litter into electricity using a proven process developed in the U.K. more than a decade ago.

Fibrowatt is contemplating building as many as three power plants in North Carolina and has been encouraged to consider a site in Wilkes County. As part of the company’s site selection process, Fibrowatt is currently evaluating sites offered by communities across the state, including Wilkes County and Surry County in western North Carolina.

The Open House will be an informal event where people can stop by various information stations to speak with Fibrowatt executives. Local community members who have had an opportunity to visit similar plants in Minnesota or the U.K. will be available to provide insight and share their experiences. This informative event will offer details on how a new plant could benefit the community. Light refreshments will be served.

Fibrowatt has narrowed its list of potential sites to seven counties — Surry, Wilkes, Stanly, Montgomery, Moore, Duplin and Sampson — and is hosting Open House meetings in each community during November and December as part of its site evaluation process.


Democrat Candidate for NC5 Announces

As Wilkes residents head to the polls for local elections today, a race that will be decided a year from today is just getting started. North Wilkes High School Coach Roy Carter kicked off his campaign Saturday in Winston Salem. Campaign spokesperson Miranda Burgin says friends, family, former student athletes and prominent community members were at the Forsyth County Democratic Headquarters for the event.
Carter outlined his priorities: excellence in education, economic development and affordable healthcare. He then went on to tell his supporters he’s making ending the war in Iraq a priority. Carter, an Ashe County native, will be running against incumbent Republican Representative Virginia Foxx. After Foxx's telephone town hall last week, he accused her of screening her calls, saying she “refused to answer the hard questions and provide honest answers.” Carter says he called in before the first question and was still not allowed to speak.
The fifth district encompasses 12 counties, including Ashe, Watauga and Wilkes. For more information about Carter’s campaign visit


Man Arrested, Confesses to Slashing Another Man with Razor

Sheriff deputies have arrested a man who has confessed to pushing his way into another man's house and slashing him several times with a razor knife. Louis Ramirez Carver was arrested about 5pm Sunday, and is charged with the assault that happened Saturday at the home of Michael Metz on Cart Path Road. According to Metz, Carver pounded on his front door about noon Saturday, and when Metz pulled open the door, Carver pushed his way in, threatening Metz and hitting him repeatedly in the head. He eventually backed Metz into a corner of the kitchen, where he allegedly pulled out a straight razor and cut Metz twice in the lower abdomen. Metz says he tried to grab the razor and cut his own hand twice, as well. After the attack, Carver just left. Family members took Metz was taken to the hospital, where he received 28 staples in his abdomen and 17 stitches to the face. Carver was arrested Sunday evening on existing warrants, and was charged also with felony breaking and entering, along with assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury.


Standoff, Fire, and Deputies Shot at With Bow and Arrow

A challenging situation developed for Wilkes county deputies overnight, as they were faced with a call that involved being shot at, a house being set on fire, a suspect trying to run them over, and several standoff situations. Deputies were called just before midnight to a home on Bagley Springs Road in Ronda, where they had been asked to check on the welfare of Randy Lee Childress.

However, when they arrived, Childress immediately started threatening them, saying he would kill anyone who came in the house. A short standoff occurred at this point, as deputies tired to explain again they were only there to check on his safety. Nevertheless,t he threats continued, and it became apparent pretty quickly that Childress was trying to provoke deputies to shoot him -- the situation often called "suicide by cop." But the deputies took cover and weathered the threats, first from a gun that was supposedly in the house, then from Childress walking around the front yard waving a ball bat and threatening the deputies.

After the bat incident, Childress climbed into an SUV and tried to run over a deputy multiple times, then when a newly-arriving supervisor blocked his driveway Childress crashed the vehicle into the front porch and ran back inside. He threatened again to shoot people, and deputies heard a couple of pops from inside the house they say sounded like someone firing a small-caliber handgun. Then threats could be heard coming from the house that he had a bow and arrow, and would shoot anyone who didn't leave. Three times, he took shots with the bow, missing the deputy each time. After taking the missed shots, the deputies on scene called for the department's Critical Response Group -- the present-day title for what most of us would call a SWAT team.

As that group was assembling,t he incident took a different turn. Childress allegedly threatened to burn down the house -- only seconds before two deputies saw a bright light and flames, and heard the rush of air being sucked into the fire. A neighbor told them Childress had dashed out the back door into the woods. Roaring River and Ronda firefighters responded to put out the blaze, but were not able to save the house. As they were arriving, Childress appeared at the edge of the woods and tried to run into his mother's house next door. When he was confronted by a deputy, Childress ran back into the woods. But it wasn't too long before he was seen once again at the edge of the woods, hands in front of him, and he was arrested without further incident or injury to anyone.

Childress is jailed on charges of assaulting an officer, attempted first-degree murder, and arson.


Traffic Stop Leads to Drugs, Paraphernalia

It's funny how often a person involved in crime will draw attention to themselves with the most minor of traffic oopses. 34-year old Arnold Jennings found that out the hard way when he didn't quite stop completely at an intersection, and soon found himself under arrest for possession of drugs and paraphernalia. A deputy says he was driving on Traphill Road when he saw Jennings' Geo Tracker roll through the intersection of Christian Home Church Road and Traphill Road. He pulled Jennings over without incident. But when the deputy ran the tag, he found out it was a false plate and there was an order out to pick it up. Same result when he ran Jennings' license -- it had been revoked and there was a pickup order out for it. At that point, the deputy ordered Jennings from the car, and a pat-down search located a bag of marijuana in his pocket. There was another small bag in the car, along with some rolling papers. Jennings is charged with possession, driving on a revoked license, and a fictitious license plate.


Three Men Captured at Local Greenhouse

Wilkes county deputies have arrested three men, after a deputy stopped by a local greenhouse to check if a man wanted in Surry county was working there. A photo of the wanted man had been sent to Wilkes by Surry county authorities, and when the deputy showed the photo to the clerk, she said he'd find the man in question working out back. He and the other two people were all on the roof, and at first refused to come down from the roof. After forcing them down off the roof with the help of another deputy, the first on e started asking who the three were. The man in the photo simply said "Rudy," which was not the first name of the man in the photo. The others claimed they were "Rudy's" brothers. Other than that, none of the three would say anything. It turns out all three are Ronda residents. Deputies identify them as Beto Trejo, Javier Hernandez-Gonzales, and Tomas Hernandez-Gonzalez. All three were arrested for resisting arrest, and Trejo was served the Surry county warrant.


Debit Card Lost/Stolen

A West Jefferson woman says her debit card has disappeared, and was used by whoever found or took it at an Exxon station in Wilkes. Geneva Greer tells Wilkesboro Police she last used the card at 4 Brothers on Westwood Lane Tuesday evening. She's not sure if she put the card back in her purse after she bought gas, or if it may have been taken from her office. Regardless, the bank told her when she reported the missing card that someone had used it on Halloween Day to buy gas at an Exxon station in Wilkes county, she thought with the store number 4219. None of the stations selling Exxon gas around here say that's their store number. There are no clues to exactly how the card got in someone else's possession, but it has been deactivated by the bank, so it's no good to that person any more. The 45-dollar tank of gas is the only loss reported.


Interactive Drought Site Unveiled

The government has unveiled a new Web site where you can monitor U.S. drought conditions, get forecasts, and know how drought is impacting the communities. Called the U.S. Drought Portal, the site was developed for the National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS).

"The new portal site provides all the information that managers need in one location, and delivers unprecedented access to key operational drought resources to answer the most pressing questions facing policymakers, emergency planners, businesses and the public," according to a NOAA spokesman. NIDIS is a collaboration between numerous federal agencies and several state governments to provide a dynamic and accessible drought-risk information system. NIDIS was created in response to extended drought conditions over the past decade, with strong advocacy from the Western Governors' Association and other groups. NIDIS, led by NOAA, coordinates use of the U.S. Drought Portal for drought risk assessment and management among its federal, state, tribal and local partners.

The site is at


Copper Thief is Pretty Enterprising

Wilkesboro Police are investigating a theft that involved quite a bit of work for the thief. They were called to Mark Johnson's business on Central Drive Wednesday afternoon after Johnston discovered someone had cut out the copper wiring that went to his outdoor receptacles. According to the police report, the thief had taken off the breaker box cover, cut the wires, taken off each receptacle cover, and pulled the wire out. Then the person took the time to put all the covers back on to conceal the theft. In all, about 500-dollars of wire was taken. Johnston isn't sure when it happened -- the last time he remembers using one of the outlets was early last month. Officers say they have some leads in the case, but have not identified any suspects for sure.