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Foxx: Government Ramps Up the Debt

Debt, debt, and more debt, as far as the eye can see. That's the largest problem fifth-district representative Virginia Foxx has with the stimulus plan:

Her reaction to the latest "stimulus" -- housing is much the same:

Foxx's comments came during a recent Focus on the Foothills interview. We'll have more excerpts in future 3WC newscasts, and you can hear the entire interview on out podcast page, at


No Footprints, But Snow Leads to One Answer in Burglary

Sometimes footprints in the snow can lead police to a suspect in a crime. This time, last weekend's snowfall helps them narrow down the time frame of a burglary. They were called on Tuesday by Paul Church, who lives part-time at a home on Sparta Road. He had come back from a three-day stay in Statesville to find someone had broken into the home and stolen several items. He tells deputies that there were no tracks in the snow, which leads to the conclusion that the burglary happened sometime between when he left Friday and when the snow fell Sunday. Church reports his home has been hit multiple times, but he doesn't know who may be responsible. The items taken in this break-in include a safe, a wheelbarrow, a bunch of quarters and two weapons. Altogether, the loss, including damage to the window broken in by the burglar, is 475-dollars. The case remains under investigation.


Foxx Comments

A lot has gone under the bridge since a month ago, when Virginia Foxx made her first appearance on 3WC's Focus on the Foothills following the swearing-in of President Obama. Unfortunately, Foxx says, little if any of it has been good:

While everyone can pretty much agree the economic situation in the county is glum at this point, there are a number of differing explanations for why -- from media highlighting bad economic news and ignoring good to the housing bubble that had been expected by many analysts to collapse at some point. But, says Foxx, the tax-and-spend policies of the Congressional majority since January 2007 have to bear their share of the blame:

We'll have additional comments from Fifth District Congresswoman Virginia Foxx on upcoming 3WC Newscasts, or you can download the entire conversation from the podcast page at


Fish Stocking to Resume on Reddies

The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission will resume Delayed Harvest trout stockings for Reddies River in Wilkes County beginning this week. Trout stockings were suspended after the initial stocking in October because of a dredging operation in the Town of North Wilkesboro’s water supply reservoir, which is upstream of the delayed-harvest section of the river. The Commission decided to postpone trout stockings due to concerns that the dredging operation could increase turbidity in the river to levels that could affect the survival of stocked fish. However, the project is nearing completion and while the remaining sediment removal work may cause occasional turbidity issues for anglers fishing the Delayed Harvest section this spring, Commission biologists do not consider these levels to be lethal to trout. If turbidity levels are too high for fishing, anglers can visit one of several other delayed harvest waters in the area, all of which are within an hour’s drive of Wilkesboro. Nearby Delayed Harvest waters include the East Prong Roaring River in Wilkes County, Mitchell River in Surry County, Helton Creek in Ashe County, and Watauga River in Watauga County.


Industrial Park Road Project Out for Bid

There is a bit of uncertainty to what contractors will face when they build a road soon through the Wilkes County Industrial Park. North Wilkesboro Town Board members have voted to send the project out for bid, but Town Manager said at this week's meeting it's unclear how much rock drilling will be needed to make a deep cut at the upper end of the half-mile road. Test drilling is set soon, which will help establish a cost for hat part of the project. The town and the county will share costs of the project, estimated to cost about a million dollars. The cost is lower than originally anticipated because board members had already decided to only pave and gutter the first 500 feet, and to simply build a gravel road the remaining 2-thousand feet. The road would extend northward from the entrance to the industrial park to Liberty Grove Church Road. The first section would provide access to the proposed Powersport Grafx site at the park. Powersport Grafx, which makes decals for motorcycles and other motor vehicles, currently operates on Ninth Street in North Wilkesboro but has plans to build a manufacturing facility near the entrance to the park.In addition to help from the county, the Journal-Patriot reports, North WIlkesboro is also seeking grant funds to help with the project.


Local Schools Learn of $1/2-Million Capital Funds Cut

The state of North Carolina will transfer some money originally alloted for school construction to the general fund to help balance the budget. That will leave districts such as Wilkes, which will lose half a million dollars in state funding, working with less to use on capital projects, but local officials say they will not halt any projects at this point. The money comes from two state accounts -- one funded by lottery proceeds and the other a line-item capital budget. But the hit on Wilkes could have been worse, according to the Journal-Patriot. State Sen. Steve Goss, former Rep. Tracey Walker and current Rep. Shirley Randleman worked to adjust the formula for counties like Wilkes, resulting in a 74 percent increase in lottery allocations for Wilkes. That money was being put in a local fund designated for later improvements to several schools, which will delay them being able to start. But Superintendent Steve Laws says the cut in funding will not affect current projects. However, the loss of lottery and capital-construction funds is a softer blow than the $400,000 in operating funds Wilkes County School System lost in November, Laws said. He feels confident the current plan will allow Wilkes County to operate its schools through the rest of the school year without further cuts.


Woman Collides with Fire Truck, Dies

A woman died yesterday when she ran her car nearly head-on into a fire truck. The accident occurred about 2:44 p.m. in the Flat Rock community of northeastern Surry County. The woman was driving on Quaker Road near Shropshire Lane when she struck a fire truck, described as being similar to a brush truck, which was traveling in the opposite direction. The fire truck was not on an emergency response. The woman, whose name has not been released, died at the scene according to Surry County's director of emergency services John Shelton. A 3-year-old child was in the back seat, Shelton said. The child was flown to Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center. Because no names have been released, hospital officials are unable to release the child's current condition. Two people were inside the fire truck, which belonged to the Four-Way Volunteer Fire Department. Both were taken to Northern Hospital of Surry County. Their names have not been released


Items Stolen from Two Wilkes Properties

Wilkes sheriff deputies are investigating two cases where they have a long time span during which the thefts may have happened. The first case was reported Monday by Donald Wagoner of rural North Wilkesboro. He says that for the past few weeks, someone has been repeaatedly stealing items from under his carport and under some tarps in his yard. The stolen items include a twin-tank air compressor, a nail gun, two hamer drills, a single-tank air compressor, and a large number of socket wrenches in a black carrying case. Total value of the items stolen is aobut 485-dollars.In a separate case reported yesterday, Michael Gary Parsons tells deputies someone stole a riding mower and a pressure washer from his storage building. The two items, which were stolen sometime between February 21st and yesterday afternoon, are valued together at 35-hundred dollars. There have been no suspects identified in either case.


Two Vehicles Reported Stolen in County

Wilkes sheriff deputies are investigating the reported thefts of two vehicles over the weekend. In separate reports released yesterday, deputies detailed the thefts of a red 1988 Dodge Daytona and a Red and Black Ford F150 pickup truck. There is no indication that the cases are connected. The car was reported stolen the afternoon of the 26th, along with a number of other items taken from Dean's Trucking on North Holiness Church Road. The other items taken were a 413 Dodge motor and attached transmission, a 4-cylinder Toyota motor and attached transmission, and a Dodge 2.5 liter turbo engine. Total value is right at 2-thousand dollars. After investigation of the case, deputies determined there is a dispute over money owed between the parties in a sale of the vehicle, and that no crime had occurred.

The second case was reported on Monday afternoon. The pickup owned by Taylorsville resident Michael Johnson was in the parking lot of Brushy Mountain Service Station, where he says he had been able to park it after it had broken down on the 28th. Employees at the shop say they don't remember seeing the pickup in the lot, and they didn't have anything towed. None of the nearby towing services had towed, it, a deputy reports, and the state and county have no records of a tow truck being called for it. Johnson says the alternator is what went out, and the pickup should not have been drivable. Investigation of the case continues, and the ID of the pickup has been entered into the national crime database, but deputies report no suspects so far.


County to Be Paid Back for Some Visitor Center Land

The N.C. Dept. of Transportation will reimburse Wil­kes County for $70,000 that it spent as part of its share for the visitor center now under construction beside U.S. 421. The DOT is building the center, and the county was expected to provide the land. After the county provided the site, DOT engineers decided that more land was needed. The county agreed to buy addition­al land, and it had a verbal agreement with DOT officials that the county would be reimbursed. County commisioners yesterday approved an amended contract that will allow the county to receive the reimbursement. The visitor center is on the north side of U.S. 421, just west of the N.C. 115 interchange. It is expected to open this summer.