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News Index

Domestic Fight Ends with Both Spouses in Jail
Sheriff Deputies arriving at a recent domestic disturbance call walked into a house to find a man and a woman both bloodied. The fight was called in by a third party from a nearby convenience store on Thanksgiving Day. After deputies met the man at the store to find out what was going on, they went to the house on Tanglewood Lane in Cricket.

They could hear the verbal part of the fight as they pulled up. A deputy says he knocked on the door, and Jeff Patrick answered the door covered in blood. A check of the house found his wife April in a bedroom, also with blood on her. Both told the deputies the other person had been the first to start hitting them. After being checked over by paramedics, both declined to be taken to the hospital. Deputies arrested both of them and charged each with assault.

Shoplifting, Taken to the Next Level
Shoplifting is one thing, but brazenly walking into a store, grabbing merchandise, and sauntering outside right past the clerk is another completely. The clerk at a local FasTrack called police right after it happened Thanksgiving afternoon. She told officers two men came into the store together. They split up, with one heading directly to the cigarette aisle where he grabbed three cartons of Newports. The men left the store without paying and got in a grey Nissan Sentra with tag number SWY-7000. Police were unable to get a phone number for the registered owner of the car, but are still working to interview that person. The clerk did not know either thief.

Business Burglary
The owner of a local business believes he know who broke in after he set the place up Friday night and went to get a bite to eat. Jimmy Welborn tells sheriff deputies that’s his normal routine as he gets ready to open the Family Game Room. When he came back from dinner Friday, Welborn found the front door of the business had been kicked in, a cash box stolen, and the security videotape taken out of the VCR. The 19-year old man he suspects of burglarizing him has had numerous addresses, and deputies are still working to track him down.

Fights Mar Evening at Two Local Restaurants
Two men exchanging words inside a local restaurant Friday night were told to take their argument outside, but even then, a store employee ended up being drawn into the fray. The Pizza Hut on School Street is where it happened, just before midnight Friday.

After tempers flared, employees of the restaurant asked them to leave, so they walked out and continued the fight in the parking lot. A waitress went out into the parking lot a few minutes later to tell them to leave the property because they wouldn’t calm down. Both of the men turned on her, grabbing her by the arms and shaking her until the manager ran outside to break it up. Police told the manager and the employee how to get a warrant drawn up on the men, whose names are known, for assault. So far, they have not been arrested.

A fight that started in another Wilkesboro restaurant ended with a man getting punched in the eye. Christopher Habershaw, a Virginia man having a meal at Ruby Tuesday’s last week, somehow got into a verbal confrontation with a local man. He reports the man had been yelling at him and some friends, and when Habershaw shot the man a grin, the man walked over to him and punched him. The restaurant employee who called police told officers after he was hit, Habershaw stood up, but never took a swing at the other man. He refused medical attention, and declined to sign a warrant for the man who hit him.

Recent Fires Accidental
Fire Marshall Nick Hanby has released the causes of two recent fires, and has ruled both are accidental in nature.

The first fire was reported November 18th at about 4:30 in the afternoon. A manufactured home on Haymeadow Road in Hays suffered about 15-thousand dollars damage. The fire was reported by a woman who said she’d been next door visiting when another neighbor knocked on the door saying her house was on fire. Ola Mae Hawkins believed the fire had started form a candle she’d left burning, sitting on a plastic chair in a bedroom. Fire Marshall Hanby says that’s consistent with what was found in the house.

The second fire was reported two days later, on the 20th at a manufactured home on Carl Drive in North Wilkesboro. The unoccupied home suffered more than 9-thousand dollars damage, and Erwin Ward lost about 12-hundred dollars worth of personal property he was moving into the house. The fire investigation showed an electrical outlet on an interior wall of the house’s center bedroom shorted out, sparking the blaze. Some of the damaged items were owned by a third person; neither she nor Ward had insurance on the property.

Domestic Fight Leads to Foot Chase
A sheriff’s deputy responding to a domestic disturbance call last night had to chase down one of the parties involved. 46-yer old John Burton Burns was collared in the woods behind a house on Colbert Place near Elkin, after he dashed from the house as deputies drove up. Once the deputies got inside the house, they found Burns’ girlfriend, April Wood, with a black eye and a cut on her eyebrow. There were several picture frames broken through the house, according to a crime report, and a hole in one wall. Burns was arrested and charged with one count of assault on a female.

Speeding, Open Container, and More
Wilkesboro police say a man was speeding on highway 421 through town last night, and that’s what started the chain of events that ended with him in jail facing several charges including drug possession.

An officer saw 21-year old Robert Jerome Cobb speeding on Highway 421 about 10:45 last night, and pulled him over in the Bo jangles parking lot. At first, Cobb gave the officer a false name, and said he’d left his drivers license at home. The bogus name was already in police computers, and the officer discovered Cobb had a suspended license. He received consent to search the car, and found an open bottle of Corona. Cobb also admitted as he was being questioned that he had a small amount of marijuana hidden in his pants. He faces a total of five misdemeanor charges and was jailed in lieu of 5-thousand dollars bond. His court date is scheduled for early January.

Purse Reported Missing
A Wilkes woman will have a somewhat harder time completing her Christmas shopping this year, after her purse, which contained 600-dollars, was taken out of a restroom at Wal-Mart recently. Amanda Lovette reported last Wednesday that she’d gone into the restroom and left her purse behind. When she went back about 20 minutes later, the purse was missing. She said the purse contained 600-dollars in cash and some makeup items. So far, police have no information about who might have walked out of the restroom with the purse.


Accused Shooters Arrested; No One Hurt
Two men are behind bars today, following a drive-by shooting yesterday that sheriff deputies say was motivated by an oustanding debt. 22-year old Jesse Michael Poole of Purlear and 19-year old Justin Lee Royal of Lansing are charged with shooting into an occupied home, two counts of making threats to a person, and felony aiding and abetting.

Here’s how deputies say things went down. Royal was owed money by one of the victims, who live in a manufactured home on Suncrest Orchard Road. He threatened to shoot up the man’s house if he didn’t pay the money, and, according to the crime report, even pulled out the gun he said he’d use. Poole called the man and threatened him as well. About 9 last night, two shots were fired into the house, one of them penetrating the living room wall, passing through the kitchen, and out the far wall, passing through the wall of an adjacent trailer and breaking some dishes in a cabinet in that home. Fortunately, neither of the shots hit a person.

Deputies stopped the pair later on Highway 268, and quickly found that one of them had ditched the gun behind a business nearby. Two women in the car were taken into custody, but released after deputies determined they had nothing to do with the crime. Justin Royal admitted that he’d fired the shots at the urging of Jesse Poole.

Woman Disappears After Hitting Boyfriend With Car
Deputies have issued an arrest warrant for a Hays woman who reportedly hit her boyfriend with a car. They’re looking for 30-year old Tabitha Ann Church, who hasn’t been seen since the incident last night. Christopher Scott tells deputies he and Church had been fighting off and on all day, and he heard her start the car to leave. As he went outside to try to stop her, Scott says Church gunned the car, heading right for him. He couldn’t get out of the way quickly enough, and the impact broke his arm.

Accused Gas Thief Arrested
Wikesboro Police arrested a local man Friday about noon, after he allegedly drove off from a FasTrack store without paying for gas. 18-year old Ronald Anglin the Third is charged with theft, and is scheduled for trial in January.

The clerk at the FasTrack on US 421 called police after Anglin pumped just over 20-dollars in gas into his Blazer, then went inside and told the clerk he didn’t have any money to pay. His passenger, Harvey Lowe, refused to leave with him, and remained at the store until police arrived. Anglin was arrested when he returned to the store, and charged with the theft, along with not having a drivers license. He was also wanted by Davie County authorities for an earlier break-in there.

Stolen or Repo'd?
Sheriff Deputies are looking for a pickup truck that was reported stolen Friday. David Holman told deputies Friday evening he’d come home to find his blue 2004 Ford flare-side pickup had been taken. He admitted to deputies that he’d gotten behind on the payments, and that he’d left a key in the truck . There was also a 22-caliber Ruger pistol in the pickup when it was taken. It hasn’t been seen since.

Accused Thief Behind Bars
A local man is in jail, after a sheriff’s deputy found several items in his house and utility trailer that were reported stolen a little over a week ago. Owen Coffey was arrested following a break-in and burglary of a home on Boomer Road November 18th. He’s accused of stealing almost 15-hundred dollars worth of fishing gear, tools and other items including a fishing boat from a home less than a mile away. Deputies leaving the burglarized house saw Coffey, and found much of the stolen property either in his house or in a utility trailer in his yard. He is charged with prying open the door of the home up the road, along with a storage building on that property.


Stolen Cigarettes Total $3,500
The owner of a Wilkes convenience store that was broken into last week has completed inventory of his stock, and found more than three thousand dollars worth of cigareettes was taken. As we told you earlier on 3WC News, the Pure for Sure store was broken into by someone who peeled back roofing paper, cut a hole in the roof, and dropped through the hole into a restroom after the store closed for the night. The thief made off with 150 cartons of cigarettes total, $3,582.62.

Deputies still have no suspects in the case.

Break-In Reported
Deputies are investigating a reported break-in that happened Tuesday night at a McGrady home. The 77-year old victim reports she had opened her back door to feed her cat, and while the door was open, she was rushed by a man who forced her back into the house, then walked through and let another man in the front door. The woman tells deputies the pair forced her to sit down in her living room and one guarded her, holding an ice pick out as a threat. She says they would not let her near the phone, nor could she see what one of them was doing in the kitchen. When they ran from the house, the woman found 500-dollars had been taken from her purse, which was on the table in the kitchen.

The woman describes the robbers as white men, one about 6-feet tall and 200-pounds, with a beard and mustache. He was wearing black clothing and had black paint on his face at the time. The other man had a slim build, was wearing white clothing, and was about 5 feet 4-inches tall. She was not hurt during the robbery, and the men have not been seen since.

Christmas Tree Farms
While retailers prepared this week for the busiest shopping weekend of the year, Christmas tree farms were preparing for the same.

The Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving are always the busiest for the Christmas tree industry, and choose-and-cut tree lots in the mountains of northwestern North Carolina are expected to attract crowds.

Choose-and-cut farms have become more popular in North Carolina, according to the N.C. Christmas Tree Association. That's especially been the case in the past two years, when many choose-and-cut operations sell out of the trees they've allotted to cut.

About 125,000 trees will be taken home from choose-and-cut farms in the state, with 90,000 of those coming from western North Carolina.

According to the N.C. Christmas Tree Association, 1,600 North Carolina growers produce about 50 million Fraser fir trees across the state.

Surry County Project Delayed
Part of a $6.5 million project by North Carolina and Virginia to extend water and sewer lines from Mount Airy to the rest areas and welcome centers along Interstate 77 in Surry County has been stalled, officials said, and the delay could end up costing the states more money.

Although transportation officials are preparing to award bids as early as January to run 12 miles of water lines from the city to the interstate, the sewer lines will have to wait because Virginia has had a shortfall of money.

When the announcement was made in July 2004 that North Carolina and Virginia would work together on the project, officials expected that it would be completed in 2006. Now, engineers estimate that the soonest the water lines could reach the interstate would be mid-2007. Sewer may follow a year later.

Two Arrested on Burglary Charges
Sheriff deputies have arrested a 19-year old man and charged him with two counts of burglary, and they say other arrests may be made in the cases.

According to a crime report released Wednesday, deputies believe Steven Ryan Little broke into the same house in Hays two different times. The first burglary happened October 19th, the second was reported earlier this week. The homeowner told deputies the house had been re-secured after the first break-in, where a DVD player and two small TV’s were taken. A couple of days later, the house was broken into again, and a big-screen TV was taken.

In addition to Steven Ryan Little, deputies have charged 19-year old Terry Nicole Little with counts of breaking into the home and of burglarizing it. Deputies say they have have recovered the big screen TV, the DVD player, and the smaller TV’s from the Little’s home on Arlie Myers Road.

Sex Offender Charged with Not Registering Move
Deputies have arrested a convicted child sex offender, because he moved and failed to notify the sheriff’s office as required to. Alphonso Lynn Leach was convicted in 2000 of two counts of indecent liberties with a minor, and served a two-year prison term. As a convicted sex offender, Leach has to register with local police agencies each time he changes address, so his current location can be made available to neighbors and law enforcement. According to a crime report, Leach moved out of the Bell Court Apartments in June, and failed to notify authorities of his new address. He was arrested Tuesday at a home in the 100 block of Mountain View Road.

Egg-Shaped Metal Object Found, Bomb Investigators Called
Authorities aren’t sure what a Wilkes man found next to his house Tuesday, but they’re taking precautions just in case it is something dangerous. A man who lives on Yellow Banks Road reported finding a metal object in the woods next to his house just before dark Tuesday. The Hazardous Devices team was called out to investigate, and ended up placing the egg-shaped object in their bomb trailer, so they could look at it more closely in daylight.

Statesville Teacher Aide Charged with Statutory Rape

A teacher's aide at Statesville High School faces sex charges involving a teenager. Donald Williams was arrested Tuesday night in Charlotte. Williams and another person have been charged with nine counts of statutory rape and statutory sex offenses.

Williams is accused of trading prescription drugs for sex, and it's alleged that the incidents took place in an apartment he rented.

Id-Theft Cases
Wilkesboro Police have been working with a Boone man to get his identity theft case straightened out, after he discovered someone had used his name or information to start a number of credit accounts.

It’s unclear when this happened, but police filed a total of four cases recently, each alleging a North Wilkesboro man with nearly the same name as the victim had used the Boone man’s social security number to establish credit accounts in his own name. The Boone man discovered the accounts after pulling his credit report recently. The companies that opened accounts included Lowes, U-S Cellular, and Cingular Wireless. The supect had also tried to open a credit account at Wachovia Bank but had been denied.

The men share the same last name, and the victim’s first name is the same as the suspect’s middle name. They are both in their mid-40’s, but police haven’t said what the relationship between the two is.

An unrelated identity theft case involves a 49-year old Purlear man and his son, who is in college at Appalachian State. Sheriff deputies say the man’s debit car was used to make a 200-dollar purchase recently without his authorization. The delivery address was outside Boone, but not the address where his son is living. His son says he doesn’t know who might have used the card number to order the items. Wilkes and Wautuga countie deputies are working the cast together.

Mailboxes Hit
Two local property owners report vandals have struck their mailboxes recently. The first case was reported about a week ago, along Shumate Mountain Road in Hays. The woman who reported someone had damaged her mailbox said she didn’t know who might have done it. Her husband was able to add only a little more information, saying he remembered hearing a noise outside about 1 in the morning. The mailbox was found in a nearby field.

The second case was reported early this week. It happened along Arbor Grove Church Road. The man who reported the vandalism said someone took a swing at his mail box, early Tuesday. There are no suspects in the case.


Multiple Firearms Stolen from Homes Recently
Sheriff deputies are following up this week on several thefts of firearms from homes.

The most recent one was reported yesterday evening. John Beasley tells deputies he’d been gone on vacation for about a week, and returned home yesterday afternoon. A Ruger 45-caliber pistol had been left laying on his bed while he was gone. Beasley has identified a possible suspect – a 28-year old Wilkes man. The gun, valued at 425-dollars, has been entered into the national crime database, and deputies are looking for the man Beasley identified so they can question him.

A rural Elkin man also reported three firearms stolen yesterday, but the gun was actually nocied missing over the weekend. Dennis Smoot says he had been out of town for a week, and had let a family member house-sit. The thief took two shotguns and a Phoenix stainless steel 22 pistol. The family member who was house-sitting has denied taking the weapons, and deputies say the case is still under investigation.

The third firearm theft was reported last Friday, but the crime report was not released until today. Ferguson resident Michael Cockerham says he came home from work to find the gate on his front porch open. He went inside and found a bolt-action 22 missing, along with the magazine and a Nikon scope. The total value of the gun and accessories is 400-dollars. The thief had also taken a collectible Hot Wheels car, valued at 200-dollars, and a hand held scanner. Several high-dollar electronic items in the house were not taken, according to deputies. The crime report says a bedroom window was also open, but nothing in front of it had been disturbed as it might have if a criminal had climbed through the window. Deputies are interviewing a man identified by Cockerham as a possible suspect, and they’re still talking with neighbors as the investigation continues.

Half Price? How About Free?
A local businessman says even after he cut the price of a job in half, a man has taken advantage of him by not paying. Stanley Walsh says he pulled the transmission in a Chevy 2-ton pickup recently and had it rebuilt for a customer of his shop. He paid the rebuilder more than 18-hundred dollars for that work, and when he returned the truck to his customer, gave him a bill for exactly the same amount, throwing in the labor for free.

As part of the job, Walsh says he drove the truck twice to verify the transmission worked as it should. The customer wrote him a check for the bill and took the truck home, then called a few hours later, saying the transmission wasn’t shifting right. Walsh told him he’d come get the truck and have it looked at by the rebuilder, at no cost to the customer. But the man hung up, saying he’d call Walsh back. In the meantime, the man stopped payment on the check, and called Walsh back to say he wasn’t going to bring the truck back to be looked at – and he wasn’t going to pay for the job.

Wilkesboro Police are investigating whether the case will be pursued through criminal charges, or if the best way to stratighten things out is through the civil court system.

New Yadkin Jail OK'd
Officials in Yadkin County are moving forward with plans for a new $7 million jail, despite a public outcry last night in which residents pleaded for them to only make repairs to the existing jail in order to save money.

The Yadkin County Board of Commissioners voted 3-2 late last night to proceed with the new 62-bed jail.

Brady Wooten, the chairman of the board of commissioners and also serves on the county's jail committee, has suggested that the county might try to build an addition to the existing jail and possibly build a third story.

Most of the residents who spoke Monday night at the commissioners' meeting said they agreed.


Deputies Investigate Murder
A Wilkes woman is dead, and sheriff deputies are looking at her boyfriend as the suspect in her killing. A family member found 35-year old Lisa Ann Pierce early this morning, dead of an apparent rifle shot to the torso. An autopsy is scheduled to confirm the cause and time of death. Her live-in boyfriend, 43-year old Charles Eric Calloway, has been arrested for the murder. According to a sketchy crime report released this morning, no motive has been established.

Man Shot, Story Unclear
Deputies were called early Saturday to Wilkes Regional Medical Center, after a man showed up there with a gunshot wound to his face. The Hays man who had been shot said he’d given another man a ride to a house on Elledge Mill Road. When the other man got out of his truck, a third man, who the victim didn’t know, walked up and started shooting at him. At the scene, deputies found several live 9-millimeter rounds, and several items that were inconsistent with the victim’s story of what happened. For instance, he claimed the shooter had come from the left, but the shots hit him in the right side of the face, and there were bullet holes in the right side of the pickup. Deputies are still working to sort out what really happened and who was involved.

Man Points Shotgun at Deputy
A deputy also had a weapon pointed at him over the weekend. The deputy had been called to a disturbance at a house on Christian Home Church Road yesterday afternoon about sunset. Dispatchers said several shots had already been fired. When he arrived he deputy noticed a man hiding in the shadows. When the deputy told the man to come out, he turned around, holding a shotgun, and started to approach the deputy, gun at the ready. The deputy took cover behind his patrol car, and as he was yelling at the man to throw down the shotgun, the man’s father came out of the house and took the gun from him. The man then ran into the woods. He was later identified as 38-year old Richard Wayne Holloway. A warrant has been issued for his arrest.

Oh, Deer...
Wilkesboro Police are investigating a break-in, but it may not be what it originally appeared. Officers were called to Dixie Mobile Home yesterday afternoon, when a woman reported seeing the front door and window broken out of the business. A check of the inside found nothing missing, but a lot of blood trailing from the glass door through the building into a bathroom area at the back. No one had showed up at Wilkes Regional with injuries that might have been received from breaking a window. Later in the day, the investigating officer was told by the building owner that a witness said a deer had run into the plate glass window and shattered it about midnight. The owner and police are still trying to contact that witness and confirm the third-hand account relayed to the owner.

Job Site Theft
Another rural Wilkes job site has been visited by thieves. Friday morning, workers at a site on Pores Knob Road near Moravian Falls arrived at the job to find someone had stolen about three-thousand dollars worth of lumber and tools. The loss includes 19-hundred-75 dollars worth of lumber alone, along with four ladders, a DeWalt miter saw, and a set of air hoses. There are no suspects at this time.


Recount Scheduled Today
Election officials in Wilkes will recount ballots for two races this morning. In a news release, the Wilkes County Board of Elections annoucned it will perform the recount starting at 9 this morning, in the statewide race for Court of Appeals Judge and in the Senate District 45 race.

The statewide recount was called for by election officials after unofficial results shoed a several-hundred vote margin separated Donna Stroud and Linda Stephens. When that recount appeared iminent, David Blust, who lost by a few more than 300 votes to Steve Goss for the state Senate seat, said he’d ask for a recount as well.

The recount will be held in the County Commissioners room of the Wilkes County Office Building.

Holiday Traffic Focus
The Highway Patrol will be targeting speeders and aggressive drivers on North Carolina interstates and major four lane highways through the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Operation Slow Down began Monday, November 13th and will end on Sunday, November 26th. Last year 23 motorists were killed on North Carolina highways during the holiday.

Speed and aggressive drivers are the leading cause of traffic deaths in our state. The aggressive driver has been identified as those drivers who flagrantly violate the motor vehicle laws, including but not limited to: excessive speeding, following too closely, erratic lane changes, safe movement violations, and other forms of reckless endangerment.

During the Thanksgiving holiday, the Patrol will also be participating in the state’s Booze It and Lose It anti-drunk driving campaign and the national Combined Accident Reduction Effort, (Operation C.A.R.E). Sobriety checkpoints are being held throughout the state during the entire week.

Wreck Injures Three
Three vehicles were involved in a wreck at Highway 421 and Curtis Bridge Road Thursday that sent one of the cars spinning across a median strip and into the curb on the far side of the street. Fortunately, everyone involved in the wreck refused treatment by EMS. Marry Kennedy tells police she was eastbound on 421, and saw another car coming at her from the south. Leonard Bumgartner, the driver of that car, says he was going to make a left turn off Curtis Bridge on to 421, and did not see Mrs. Kennedy until she was in the intersection. Kennedy tried to avoid Bumgartner, and in doing so spun her 2006 Toyota across three lanes of traffic and the median strip, hitting a third car in the oncoming lane and coming to rest against the far curb. That car was driven by Donald Wachton. All three drivers were alone. Mrs. Kennedy has been cited for running the red light.

Portable Heater Stolen
Sheriff Deputies are investigating the theft of a portable heater from a home being built on the edge of North Wilkesboro. A painter working at the home on Poplar Trail arrived for work last Thursday to find the 17-hundred BTU Redi Heater and a sheetrock sander missing. The value of the tools is estimated at one-thousand dollars. The painter says he had taken weather-stripping off the doors the previous night so he could paint the doors and frames, so there was no visible sign of a break-in. So far, deputies have no suspects.

Tools Stolen
Wilkes County Sheriff Deputies are investigating the recent theft of several tools from a home under construction. One of the men working on a home that’s so new its lot doesn’t even have a 9-1-1 address arrived at work last week to find his tools were missing. One of the house’s windows was open, but everything else was locked up.

The missing tools included a cordless DeWalt jigsaw, a cordless DeWalt impact wrench, a finish nailer, and a variety of smaller tools. Total value was 13-hundred dollars. The man believes one of the other crew members at the site may be responsible. After interviewing the other workers, the deputy agrees. But so far, there have been no arrests.

Assault Charges after Knife Fight
Two people suffered minor injures, and both ended up going to jail, following a scuffle over money last week. 19-year old Victoria Goodman had shown up at 29-year old Daniel Hartley’s house to collect some money owed by Hartley’s wife, according to a crime report. Deputies say a Hartley and Goodman exchanged words, and then slashed at each other with knives. Hartley suffered a laceration to his torso; Goodman was cut on the arm. Deputies did not find the knife, but charged both people with Assault with a Deadly Weapon and took them to jail.

STIP Comments Sought
The N.C. Department of Transportation is asking for public comment on the their plans for the upcoming seven year period. At a meeting this afternoon, state officials will see input on the 2007-2013 Draft State Transportation Improvement Program.

This meeting will provide an opportunity for citizens to talk with department staff about the Draft STIP and the transportation projects it details for their area. Citizens may also submit feedback via mail and e-mail. The meeting starts at 2 at the Wilkesboro Civic Center. Registration starts at 1pm.

Computer, Equipment Stolen
Sheriff Deputies are investigating the theft of computer equipment from a Ronda business. Precision Fiber reported the break-in and theft early Thursday. Between the times they closed Wednesday and when they opened Thursday, someone broke into the business, kicked open two doors and stole an E-machines computer, a wireless router, and a cable modem. Total value is 500-dollars. There are no suspects, and the case remains under investigation.


The N.C. Center for Missing Persons is issuing a statewide AMBER Alert for Mariah Poland, a two year old girl from Nash County. Mariah was abducted in a stolen vehicle.

Mariah was left unattended in a vehicle by Amy Calvin as she made a purchase at a convenient store in Rocky Mount. An unknown black male left with the stolen vehicle. He has been described as 6' tall and 200 pounds wearing black clothing. He may be operating a stolen green Honda Accord with North Carolina registration VRD-3824.

Mariah is 2 years old and weighs 30 pounds and is 36 inches tall. She has brown hair and brown eyes and was wearing a red infant sleeper with white snowflakes.

Purse Stolen from Car Trunk
A Wilkes woman may not only have lost a valuable bracelet, but she may be set up for a future identity theft. The woman tells sheriff deputies she was picking up her grandchild at a local church school last week, and put her purse in the car’s trunk when she went inside. After picking up the child, the woman stopped at a local store, and that’s when she realized the puse was not in the trunk anymore. There several people in the school parking lot at the same time she was there, and the woman says any one of them could have opened the unlocked car and popped the truck to make off with the purse. Besides the bracelet, the woman lost several ID’s and bank cards, along with her cell phone.

Light Up Downtown is Friday
Friday night is the annual Light Up Downtown celebration in North Wilkesboro. Organizers say this year will feature three stages throughout downtown providing a variety of entertainment. Nearly 20 performers and groups are slated to appear. Of course Santa will be there, in the lobby of Wilkes Towers from 5:30 to 9pm, and there will be hayrides to take you anywhere you want in downtown. Food and craft vendors will line 10th street during the event. The Christmas lights are set to be turned on at 6:15pm.

Domestic Violence with A Twist
Sheriff deputies say a recent domestic violence incident has a strange twist. Donald Roberts tells deputies his son was beating on his front door about 1 a-m last Tuesday, and woke up his family. He wanted to take his 15-year old sister with him, because she knows where the son’s wife is now living. When his father said no, the yougner Roberts became belligerent, and started to beat on him. Dad fought him off, and the son hasn’t been seen since. Roberts did not report the crime to deputies until more than two days


Stolen 4-Wheeler
Wilkes County Sheriff Deputies are looking for a four-wheeler that was stolen this weekend. Boyd Simmons called early Friday morning to say the four-wheeler was missing. He said he regularly lets a neighbor borrow the 1999 Honda four-wheeler, and had let him borrow it Thursday night. The neighbor had parked the four-wheeler in his own yard for the night, and woke up Friday morning to find it gone. He had taken the keys to the four-wheeler inside with him. It’s worth about 56-hundred dollars. So far, there are no suspects.

Brotherly Fight Ends with One in Jail
A Wilkes teenager was hurt during a fight with his brother, who ended up being arrested. Sheriff Deputies were called to a home on Crysle Cemetary Road in the wee hours of Saturday morning. 17-year old Logan Cardwell told deputies his brother Jordan had hit him multiple times during a fight. Jordan, who is 16, refused to follow a deputy’s instructions to go back in the house and cool down, insisting instead that the deputies take him to jail. He was booked on a simple assault charge.

McGrady Vacation Home Burglarized
The owner of a vacation home in McGrady had to clean up a mess and call the sheriff’s office when he arrived in Wikes last weekend. That’s because someone had broken into the house. The man, who lives in Brevard, says he’d locked the house when he left it the middle of last month. But when he got there Saturday afternoon, the front door was unlocked and a window was broken. Inside, the thief had not stolen much – a set of deer antlers and a DVD player were all the owner could find missing. He told deputies a local plumber had been scheduled to do some work at the house, but they have not been able to get in touch with the plumber to find out whether he may have noticed the damage.

Identity Theft
A local public servant is the latest victim of identity theft in the area. The EMS worker, who lives in Ronda, told deputies Friday that someone had taken nearly 40 dollars out of his bank account without his knowledge. The man says he doesn’t know how someone would have gotten his account number or other bank information.

Break-In Reported
A Wilkes woman says more than 300-dollars worth of property was stolen from her house this weekend. Karen Kirby reported the theft yesterday afternoon. She says she arrived at her Miller’s Creek home to find the front door pushed open. When she got inside, she found several medicines had been stolen, along with a cell phone, a pair of Nikes, and some clothes. Neighbors said they did see a white picup in the area earlier in the day, but no one was able to remember a tag number or a description of whoever was inside.


Police Bust 40+ Drug Dealers
Wilkes authorities have spent the past week rounding up drug dealers, in what they say is the biggest such sweep in two decades. The arrests started after indictments were handed down by a grand jury last week. The indictments alleged more than 150 felony drug crimes, committed by more than 40 people.

It’s the result of more than a year of work by police in Wilkesboro and North Wilkesboro, along with the Sheriff’s Department and State Bureau of Investigation.

Police said that the roundup included upper-level to midlevel drug dealers, involving such street drugs as methamphetamine, marijuana and cocaine, both in powder and crack form.
Police also arrested dealers of such opiate-based prescription painkillers as Darvocet, Percocet and Oxycontin. Authorities said that the dealers got the drugs through "doctor shopping," a practice that involves getting multiple prescriptions by visiting various doctors across the region. Authorities said that no health-care professionals were involved in illegal activity charged in these indictments.

Vending Macines Broken Into
Two vending machines were broken into in Wilkesboro the middle of last week, and police have arrested a man for one of the break-ins.

The first break-in was reported late Wednesday night at DJ’s Car Wash. According to the police report, a customer of the car wash called 9-1-1 to report the machine had been broken into. When the officer called the owner, he was told the machine had been broken into the week before last – but no police report had been made on that break-in. So far, police have no suspects in the break-in.

About mid-day Thursday, police were called to Key City Furniture, where an employee walked into the break room just in time to see another employee breaking into a vending machine. As he investigated, the officer found that other employees at Key had seen 38-year old Eric Dale Church in the break room with the lights turned out on several occasions. This time, the plant manager said, Church had gotten the machine open and taken an unknown amount of money. He was fired on the spot and banned from the property, according to the police report.

Operation Slow Down
Highway patrol troopers statewide are starting a special emphasis on speeding and other driving hazards today, which will run through the day after Thanksgiving. Operation Slow Down occurs at this time each year, and involves troopers statewide making an extra effort to get drivers to slow down, use seat belts, and safely restrain children. The Highway Patrol says speed is the number one killer on North Carolina highways.

Drugs Stolen During Break-In
A Wilkes woman says her ex-boyfriend has a drug problem, and that’s why she believes it was him that broke into her mobile home. The 24-year old woman said she’d gone out for a short time Wednesday afternoon, and when she came back home, she found the front door open.

Several bottles of prescription medicine were stolen, along with a number of CDs by artists the man liked. Other, more expensive items were left behind, which leads deputies to believe it was not a random break-in. So far, they have not made any arrests.

More Drug Arrests, Not Part of Sweep
In addition to the sweep of suspected drug dealers across the area last week, Wilkesboro Police have recently arrested two other people for drug trafficking and possession.

Both arrests happened Wednesday. The first is related to a shoplifting case we told you about on 3WC News last week. Nerys Shoemaker had been arrested with over 200-dollars worth of merchandise, after being stopped by a security guard at Kohl’s. When she was booked into jail, two bottles of prescription medicine were found, neither of which was in her name. The detective investigating the drug portion of the crimes said a bottle of hydrocodone that had been prescribed two days before had started with 120 pills, and there were only 40 left when Shoemaker was arrested.

The second arrest happened just before midnight Wednesday at Red Carpet Inn. Wilkesboro police found marijuana, hydrocodone, Xanax and drug scales in a room occupied by Jason Lamar Lea. They had been called to the hotel by someone who suspected drug use was going on in the room; when they arrived, Lea let them in and gave them the drugs, which had been put in a dresser drawer.

N.C. Baptists Expected to Make Historic Change
The Baptist State Convention of North Carolina could expel any church that endorses homosexuality after its annual meeting this week.

On Tuesday, the organization is expected to pass a measure that would alter the articles of its constitution to provide for such exclusions. Some local churches said the move symbolizes a divide that began years ago between conservative and progressive churches.

With 1.2 million members and 4,080 churches, the N.C. convention is the second largest association of Baptist churches in the nation. It had previously kicked out several churches that ordained gays or blessed their relationships, including a Cabarrus County church in 2003, which accepted two gay men as members and later baptized them.

And since last year, members of churches that support a group called the Alliance of Baptists, which endorses gay rights, have not been able to serve as trustees for Baptist organizations.

Harley Dumped, Damaged Druing Break-In
A Wilkes woman believes her ex-boyfriend is to blame for a break-in at her house recently that caused more than a thousand dollars damage. The woman had gone to a club Wednesday night, and got into an argument with the man. Early Thursday morning, her mother woke her up and told her to go check the garage, because she’d looked out and seen a hole in the window. Her mother says she had heard a ruckus outside late in the evening as she was watching TV, but that she’d assumed it was her daughter.

When the daughter opened the garage, she found a Harley turned on its side, there were other scratches on the gas tank, various wires and lines on the bike had been cut, and the tires had been slashed. So far, deputies have not arrested the man.


Generic Acetaminophen Recalled
A company that makes store-brand acetaminophen for Wal-Mart, CVS, Eckerd, Food Lion, Lowes Foods and dozens of other large retailers is recalling 11 million bottles because small metal fragments were found in some caplets.

Perrigo Co. told the U.S. Food and Drug Administration it discovered that some of its manufacturing equipment was wearing down and passed 70 million caplets through a metal detector.

Fragments were found in about 200 caplets.

The FDA said Perrigo told the agency about the problem on Nov. 1. The FDA took a week to investigate the report before informing the public. The agency did not know when Perrigo tested the pills.

The FDA said that neither it nor Perrigo know the source of the metal. Both are investigating. The agency would not say whether Perrigo or any of its suppliers were still making acetaminophen.

Shoplifter Caught, May Face Drug Charges
Wilkesboro Police recovered more than 200-dollars worth of merchandise when they arrested a woman accused of shoplifting from Kohl’s Wednesday. The woman had been stopped in the parking lot, after a Kohls security officer saw her stuff nine items into her purse, including two bottles of perfume, three pairs of jeans, three shirts, and a pair of earrings. As he was interviewing the suspect, 29-year old Nerys Shoemaker, the police officer reported she was having a hard time keeping her balance, and was slurring words so badly it was hard to understand. When he got her to jail. The officer found several pill bottles on her, but none of the bottles had her name on them. A narcotics investigator has been assigned to that part of the case.

Lowes Theft Investigation Produces More Charges
Lowes security personnel have been spending many long hours reviewing security videotapes, as they help police build the case against a man accused of repeatedly stealing merchandise without paying. 51-year old Ronnie Lee Moore is already charged with multiple counts of shoplifting from Lowes, for a series of items taken from the store throughout June.

Another videotape review Tuesday found two more instances of alleged shoplifting. In the first, which happened June 9th, Moore is seen putting a DeWalt combo tool kit in a cart and pushing it and what appeared to be two cases of tile grout through the garden ceter entrance without paying. The value of the tool sets is almost 0ne-thousand dollars.

The second incident happened June 30th. Again, Moore is seen on the tape loading a DeWalt combo set into a cart, along with a Husqvarna chainsaw. Again, he’s shown walking out the garden center entrance without paying. Total loss this time was over 500-dollars.

The tape review and investigation by Lowes Security and Wilkesboro Police is ongoing.

Purse Stolen
A Wilkes woman tells police officers someone opened her car door and stole her purse while she was at work yesterday. 18-year old Brandy Davis said she left the car unlocked, and when she came out from work, found the purse missing. Her check book, check card, and driver’s license were in the purse. Unfortunately that means she may find herself the victim of identity fraud, as those items contain enough information for an identity thief to strike.

Identity Theft
Another Wilkes resident reports they have been the victim of an identity thief. Tammy Hayes called sheriff deputies Wednesday after being told by her bank someone had used her debit card to to buy over 400-dollars worth of merchandise at a Foot Locker in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The thief tried a third purchase of over 300-dollars, but the bank turned that transaction down. Mrs. Hayes says she doesn’t know how the identity thief got her debit card number.