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Foxx on Passport Change: Good Idea

Fifth District U-S Representative Virginia Foxx says the action yesterday by the State Department to change passport requirements to re-enter the country because of huge backlogs in processing passport applications was a wise choice. In a news release, Foxx said her office office receives between 25 and 35 requests for assistance on passport matters each day. The temporary changes to the international travel requirements will allow constituents who have not received their passport due to delays in application processing to follow through with any plans they have for international travel.

“By creating temporary rules the State Department has taken a vital first step in solving the problem of huge delays in passport applications,” Foxx said. “I urge Secretary Rice to deal with the systemic passport processing problem and implement long-term solutions that will help us avoid a similar crisis in the future.”

The changes allow those who have applied for passports to show proof of a pending passport application to re-enter the country, rather than the actual passport.


Man, Teen Arrested Following Fight

An adult and a teen were both arrested following a fight that took Elkin Police and Wilkes Sheriff Deputies to get completely under control. It happened on Wilkes Street Sunday evening. When deputies arrived to the fight-in-progress call, they found Elkin officers had separated 14-year old Robert Chase McKinney and 31-year old Joey Glen Cleary. They were unable to determine what the fight was about or who started it, but both McKinney and Cleary had injuries consistent with fighting . Cleary had marks on his elbow and neck, according to the deputy, while McKinney had marks on his head, elbow and chest. Cleary was charged with assault, and McKinney faces a juvenile petition alleging assault.


Puppy Runs Off, Owner Charged with Crime

Wilkes sheriff deputies have arrested a Thurmond teen after a disagreement over a puppy. 17-year old Jennifer Kelsey Blevins faces a misdemeanor breaking and entering charge after the incident Saturday afternoon in Elkin. Jason Richardson tells deputies his 7-year old boy came home with a puppy he found in the front yard Saturday morning and asked if the family could keep it. His dad said that would be fine. But minutes later, the elder Richardson heard his son screaming in the living room. As he rounded the corner, he says he saw Blevins walking from the living room out the front door, puppy in her arms. He says he yelled at her to stop, and she said the puppy was hers and walked off. When questioned by deputies, Blevins admitted to opening the front door of the house, but not to walking into thte living room. She was served with a misdemeanor warrant alleging she did enter the house.


WCC Honored

Wilkes Community College has again earned a “Superior Rating “from the North Carolina State Board of Community Colleges.

The rating is a result of the Critical Success Factors Report issued by the State Board each year. 12 performance measures for accountability, called “Core Indicators of Success,” capture the essential elements of the mission of the NC community college system and focus on student success. WCC met 11 of the 12 performance measures to earn the “Superior Rating” designation.

WCC President Dr. Gordon Burns was excited to share the news with the WCC family. “This distinction reinforces the work we do each day towards fulfilling our mission to provide quality education and education services to the citizens of Wilkes, Ashe, and Alleghany counties. This distinction is a reflection of the high quality students, faculty, and staff we have here at Wilkes Community College.”

The performance measures that WCC met or exceeded were progress of basic skills students, goal completion for completers, employment rate of graduates, performance rate of college transfer students, passing rates in development courses, success rates of development students in college level courses, student satisfaction of completers and non-completers, curriculum student retention and graduation rates, employer satisfaction, business and industry satisfaction with services provided, and program enrollment. The one measure that was not fully met was narrowly missed by one point on one student’s test.


Yadkin Valley Bank Board Names New Leaders

Yadkin Valley Financial Corporation's its Board of Directors elected Dr. Ralph Bentley as its chairman and Dr. Harry Davis as its vice chairman. In a news release, the Elkin-based bank said the selection occurred Friday.

Dr. Bentley, a founding director of Piedmont Bank, has served as a board member of Yadkin Valley Financial Corporation since its inception in 2006, and its wholly owned subsidiary, Yadkin Valley Bank and Trust Company, since 2002. Piedmont Bank and its parent company, Main Street BankShares, Inc., were acquired by Yadkin Valley Bank and Trust Company in 2002.

Dr. Davis, a founding director of High Country Bank, has served as a board member of Yadkin Valley Financial Corporation since its inception in 2006, and of its wholly owned subsidiary, Yadkin Valley Bank and Trust Company, since 2004. High Country Bank and its parent company, High Country Financial Corporation, were acquired by Yadkin Valley Bank and Trust Company in 2004.


Swimming Pool Damaged

A family's above-ground swimming pool was damaged, and the investigation has turned into a "he-said, she-said" incident, with both parties being underage. Mark Barnes called sheriff deputies to his home on Shannon View in Millers Creek Thursday, after finding a hole about two feet form the top of the pool. It appeared to have been cut with a knife. One neighbor said they saw three children walk around the pool about 6 Wednesday night, but didn't really see them do anything. However, another neighbor had her step-daughter talk to the deputy. The girl said a neighborhood boy had cut the hole. But when the deputy questioned the boy, he denied repeatedly having done the damage. He continued his denials even after being told that if he paid for the repair, it would likely keep there from being a criminal complaint. In the end, both he and the victims were told how the juvenile criminal process works, and what happens now is up to the victims and whether they decide to file a juvenile petition.


Coins Stolen from Unlocked Safe

Some valuable coins and other items were stolen from a rural Wilkesboro home, and although sheriff deputies solved the case in less than a day, it was not before some of the evidence had already disappeared. They were called early Saturday morning to the home of Roy Nichols on Pods Road. He said he'd left Fridya night about 9:30, and came home about 3:30 Saturday morning ot find his front door kicked in. His safe, which he had left unlocked, was standing open and about 4-thousand dollars worth of silver coins and over 350-dollars worth of gold coins had been taken, along with a nickel-plated 38-caliber handgun and a couple of knives. Including the damage to the front door, the loss was nearly 52-hundred dollars.

Over the next several hours, deputies developed a lead directing them to Donald Brown and Larry Brown, brothers who live in North Wilkesboro. Donald Brown admitted to having some of the stolen money and using it to buy drugs for himself and his brohter. Dwight Brown denied involvement. However, when the two were separated, the story started to change. Dwight implicated a third man for the break-in--an unknown black male he called "Fifty-Cent." Meanwhile, his brother told sheriff deputies where the gun was, and with the help of the Winston-Salem police department, they recovered it. However, the money had been taken to a flea market in Yadkin county, and by the time deputies there retrieved it from the coin dealer's booth, some of it had already changed hands.

Both Brown brothers were arrested on charges of breaking and entering, and of theft.


Small Fire Set, Larger One Intended?

An investigation is underway into some suspicious materials found near a Wilkes home yesterday afternoon. Gail Jennings called sheriff deputies about 2 p-m to report she had found what appeared to be someone's attempt to start a fire near the side of the house. The deputy confirmed there was a rag that smelled like it was soaked with gasoline, a burnt board, and some damage to the family's heat pump, estimated at about 500-dollars. The deputy indicates in his report that he's unable to tell what the intent of the person starting the small fire was, and he's asked for a fire investigator to take over the case.


Stolen Credit Card Found

Wilkesboro Police have tracked down a Lowe's credit card stolen from a rural Wilkes home. As we reported earlier, the card was among several items stolen from a Boomer woman's home. At the time, Mary Person told deputies she believed the theft was the work of her grandson, Steven Little, and his wife Terry. With the help of Lowes' security personnel, police went back over the security tapes from the store since the day the card disappeared. They found a number of times Steven Little used the card to buy tools that could easily be resold or pawned -- such as socket sets and combo tool sets. Once, cameras showed Terry Little making a similar purchase. The total value of those items was about 700-dollars. Warrants have been served on both Littles, who were already jailed for another crime.


Vandal Strikes Construciton Equipment

An act of petty vandalism that happened in Wilkes is going to cost a Mooresville company about 500-dollars to repair. Alex Savino, an employee of D-J Capital, called sheriff deputies early Friday morning when he arrived at a job site on Rock Wall Road. He says he'd been using a min-excavator to clear off the lot on Thursday, and had left it parked at the job site overnight. When he arrived Friday morning, he found someone had thrown a rock through the back glass of the excavator, breaking it out. He does not report any additional damage to the excavator except the glas shards he sewpt out of the cabin. A deputy canvassed the neighborhood, but was unable to find anyone who had seen or heard anything unusual during the night.  Currently, there are no suspects.