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Stalker Collared

A weekend stalking case had a deputy returning to a woman's home so many times he almost wore a rut in the road. It started in the wee hours of Saturday morning at 345 Hilltop Acres. Berniece James called the sheriff's office to report a prowler. A deputy found nothing. A little while later, she calls back -- the prowler is tapping on the window. Again, deputies search the area and find nothing. Minutes later, another call, and again, no prowler.

This time, the deputy parks a little way up the street and turns off his headlights. It wasn't long before Mr. Sneaky, who goes by the name Michael Greer, stalks out from between two houses, headed for the James place. The deputy pulled up and Greer dashed away into the woods. After another deputy returned to the scene, the two of them flushed Greer out of the woods and arrested him. He said he'd parked his moped a mile away and hiked up to the house. Apparently he was a former co-worker with Ms. Jones and developed a thing for her -- feelings she says she didn't share. She says he's been stalking her for two years. Greer was booked on multiple charged and placed under a 5-thousand dollar secured bond.


Drinking + Riding Around = (You Guess)

When the story starts "victim states he was riding around and drinking with suspect," it usually has nowhere to go but downhill. What happened to a Wilkes man Friday night is true-to-form. After some time of riding and drinking, Tyrone Henderson and Squire Evans -- you guessed it -- got into an argument. They ended up out at the end of Damascus Church Road. Evans told Henderson to get out of the car. Henderson refused. More argument ensued, until, as the deputy writes it, "both parties exited the vehicle."

At this point Evans jumps back in the car and starts to speed off. But to add injury to insult, he slams the car into reverse and backs over Henderson, breaking his ankle. Evans is reported to then step out of the car, look at the victim (presumably saying some things that aren't recorded), get back in, and drive off. It's not clear who called 9-1-1, but when EMS arrived, Henderson was still laying in the middle of the road, about 15 feet of black tire marks clearly pointing the way to him. Evans has since been served with a warrant for Assault With A Deadly Weapon.


Nothin' Up My Sleeve -- Presto!

A little distraction can work wonders when you're a magician -- or a thief. That was the method chosen by one bandit over the weekend. 26-year old Emerson Jones, Junior was arrested yesterday morning, a few hours after employees at McDonalds say they foiled his attempt to steal money from the drive-thru. Here's how it happened:

Jones appeared at the drive-thru window about 3:30 yesterday morning without placing an order first. He asked a former co-worker to exchange a bag full of quarters for folding money from the cash register. The employee took the money to the office to run through a change counter. In the mean-time, Jones got out of his car window, pulled open the driver through window, and stuck his head and arms in the store. He turned the key in the cash drawer and had a fist full of cash when another employee saw what was going on. She ran into the drive-thru and started yelling at him to put the money back, at which time he threw a $20 and some change at her and sped off. Turned out he'd held onto about 60-dollars, too.

Since they used to be his co-workers, the employees knew exactly who to tell police to look for. Around sunrise, officers spotted Jones and pulled him over. A search of his car turned up several keys that didn't belong to Jones. Officers called the manager of a North Wilkesboro car wash that had been recently burglarized, and he was able to match one of the keys to his master key. Jones faces felony charges of Breaking and Entering and Larceny for the McDonald's incident, and will likely face other charges for the car wash crime. He was jailed in lieu of a 5-thousand dollar secured bond.


Paint Ball Attack Damages Semi Trailer

A Wilkes over-the-road truck driver will be spending extra money to clean up his trailer, after vandals hit it with pain balls recently. Jessie Souther Junior says he parks his semi and trailer at the edge of his property on Old Highway 60 when he's home, and he woke up Saturday to find the damage. Seven pink spots were on the trailer from paint balls shot at it during the night, and it appeared the vandals had tried to break into the trailer, as the seal on the back door had been broken. So far as Souther could tell, nothing had been taken from inside the trailer.


Sometimes Your Best Isn't Good Enough

The clerk at a Wilkes convenience store tried his best to get the tag number of a car that was speeding off without paying for gas, but apparently his best wasn't good enough. Sheriff deputies took the drive-off report form Neighbors on Highway 268 in Elkin Saturday afternoon. Someone driving a white Toyota Celeca stopped at the station, pumped a few gallons of gas, about 8-dollars worth, and left without paying. The clerk got a partial description of the driver, a white male who appeared to be about 50, and a tag number for the car. But when deputies ran the tag number, it came back to a different type of car registered several counties away -- to far for it to have made sense to pump less than four gallons of gas. The case remains open.


Wilkesboro Murder Trial Underway

Jury selection may be complete today fro the Winston-Salem man who faces the death penalty if convicted of killing a Wilkesboro man over two years ago. Eleven jurors have been seated so far to hear the murder trial of Steven Craig Miller. Authorities say that 34-year old Terry Tyrone Carlton was shot in the face and killed in front of his home Dec. 2, 2004. Police arrested Miller Jan. 5, 2005, in Winston-Salem.

Prosecutors are asking for a death sentence because Miller, 37, has a previous murder conviction. In 1991, he was convicted of second-degree murder in Guilford County. He served nine years in prison before being paroled May 11, 2000. On Oct. 30, 2001, Miller was convicted of possessing drugs with intent to sell. While he was serving time for that charge in the Wilkes Correctional Center, Miller met Carlton, who was in the prison on a drug-trafficking charge.

According to the Winston-Salem Journal, authorities have said they did not know what kind of relationship the two men had after their release. The motive for the shooting is still unclear.

One more juror has to be selected, as well as three alternates.


Impact with Utility Pole Causes Minor Injuries

A Wilkesboro man was taken to the hospital after running his car into a utility pole in the Food Lion parking lot. According to Wilkesboro Police, 67-year old John Henry Barnes was driving through the parking lot at the Food Lion on Highway 18 yesterday morning about 8:20. The wreck report lists a slow-speed impact between Barnes' 2007 Chevy and the pole, with damage reported only to the car. Still, the impact caused about 4-thousand dollars damage and Mr. Barnes decided to let Wilkes EMS paramedics take him to WRMC to be checked out for minor injuries.


Stolen Road Signs Recovered

Wilkes sheriff deputies have recovered a number of street and road signs that have been stolen in the area recently. The received an anonymous tip concerning the signs yesterday, and went to a home on Windy Ridge Road. There, deputies say they found a total of 15 signs, stolen from each branch of government that posts road signs. T

he recovered items included a North Wilkesboro street sign, five county road signs, seven state road signs and a pair of wooden federal parkway signs. Total value is listed at almost 12-hundred dollars. No one was home when they went to the house, but they say the signs were out in the open. No arrests have been made, but deputies list the owner of the house as a possible suspect.


WRMC Lease Signed

North Wilkesboro Town Board members voted unanimously to approve the lease agreement for Wilkes Regional Medical Center, and agreement that had been in negotiations since late last fall when the board chose the Hospital Operating Board to lease the facility for the next 30 years.

The Winston-Salem Journal reports that with the lease in place, the hospital board will initiate a new long-term management agreement with Carolinas HealthCare Systems of Charlotte for day-to-day operations of the hospital. An agreement will also be in place for Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center to help expand clinical programs and recruit physicians and other medical personnel.

In making its selection, the town board rejected a bid by a for-profit hospital company that would have paid lump-sum payment of $51 million.

It also turned down a proposal from Novant Health, a nonprofit company based in Winston-Salem. The company's hospitals include Forsyth Medical Center. Novant had offered annual lease payments of $1 million a year. Hearings during the hospital-lease process drew hundreds of people to a series of meetings. Many speakers said they favored keeping local control.

The lease decision drew a standing-room only crowd to the town commission meeting in October, with the issue decided by a single vote. After that, it was a matter of working out the details, and the audience was small at Tuesday night's meeting for the vote that approved the new lease. Wilkes Regional will pay $1 million to the town for the initial lease. Annual lease payments will be at least $600,000, with the actual amount based on net revenues.


Local "Roofer" Charged

The owner of a Wilkes roofing company faces charges of defrauding at least one customer, and perhaps several more. Wilkesboro Police have filed a charge of obtaining property by false pretenses against Dwayne Smith in relation to an incident where a woman prepaid him for work that he never did. His business is known as Affordable Roofing Systems.

In September, we told you about an incident where Smith was alleged to have been paid more than one thousand dollars to do a roof for someone, but then never showing up to complete the job. At the time, the incident was referred to the civil court system, and the victim filed a small claims court action against Smith.

Since then, he has missed three separate small claims hearings on the case, and it went back to police Wednesday. The victim signed a complaint on the misdemeanor charge, but police are discussing with the D-A's office possibly upgrading the charge because they say Mr. Smith has a history of similar incidents. A search of our records finds at least one other case in which Smith is reported to have been prepaid for a job and then not done the work.