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Sen Hagan Calls for Action Against Child Trafficking

U.S. Senator Kay Hagan (NC), Chair of the Subcommittee on Children and Families, is calling on the U.S. Departments of Education and Health & Human Services (HHS) to take action against the growing prevalence of child trafficking in the United States. After holding a hearing last month that examined how child victims are going unidentified, misidentified or underreported because of gaps in training for health care providers, school personnel and social workers, Hagan is pressing the Departments to issue guidelines that will help these dedicated professionals better identify and treat victims. North Carolina consistently ranks among the top 10 states in the country for human trafficking. According to the Department of Homeland Security, as many as 300,000 children in the United States are victims of human trafficking, with an average age of 11 to 14 years. Many of these children are still attending school and interacting daily with teachers, counselors and other school personnel, making it particularly important that educators are able to recognize the signs of a trafficking victim and respond accordingly. 


Both Shot with a BB Gun

The windows  were shot and shattered.  Wilkesboro Police were called out to investigate some property damage at two different locations on School Street. In the first report, a vehicle was left overnight in the parking lot of Wilkes Surgical Associates in Wilkeboro.  When the owner returned the next morning, they found the damages.  According to the Police report, the window appeared to have been shot with a BB gun.  Police searched the car for a BB but was unable to find one.  Then in the second report, a car at Hamby's Muffler Shop was damaged.  Again, it appeared that someone had shot out a window of the car with a BB gun.  Damages are estimated at 200 dollars for each vehicle.  There are no suspects at this time.


Thousands in Damages

Damages were listed at nearly 2000 dollars.  The Wilkes Sheriff's Office received a report of damage to property.  The victim said he had his 2008 Cadillac parked beside his business on Boone Trail.  It looks like someone attempted a vehicle break-in.  A prying tool was used on the rear driver's side door.  Entrance was not gained into the car and nothing was reported stolen.  However, the damages to the door are estimated at 2000 dollars.  There are currently no suspects.


In Window to Grab Gun, Camera, and Tools

The doors were locked, so the thief just broke out a window.  A homeowner in Traphill called the Wilkes Sheriff's Department when they returned home and discovered the break-in.  Someone broke out a window at the back of the house causing 100 dollars in damages.  The thief then took a Phoenix Arms .22 pistol, an Echo chainsaw, an Echo weed-eater, and a Go-Pro camera.  There is a possible suspect and charges are pending.


Free Healthy Living Workshops from Wilkes Health Dept

The Wilkes County Health Department is offering free Living Healthy workshops to help individuals self-manage their ongoing health conditions.  Workshops are open to any adults with conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, heart disease, COPD, fibromyalgia, depression, asthma or any other chronic conditions. This free workshop is offered one time per week for six weeks, and will help participants in managing symptoms, in communicating effectively with their doctor, and in making daily tasks easier. Individuals are encouraged to register if they can attend at least four of the six sessions. Participants will receive a free gift at their first session, snacks at each session, and a $10 gift card for attending at least four of the six sessions.  The next series is September 4 and every Thursday through October 9, from 2:00pm to 4:30pm at the First United Methodist Church of North Wilkesboro at 401 6th Street. Another series will start on September 30 and every Tuesday through November 4 from 1:00pm-3:30pm at First Baptist Church of North Wilkesboro at 510 D Street.  For more information about Living Healthy or to pre-register for a workshop series, please contact Allison Marron at the Wilkes County Health Department at 651-7449.


Give Today or Thursday

The American Red Cross continues to have an urgent need for blood and platelet donations, even as thousands of people answered the urgent call to donate last month. Through the end of July, the Red Cross saw an increase of approximately 7.5 percent in the number of donors coming to give blood, resulting in more than 11,800 additional donations beyond what was anticipated. Despite the increase, blood products are currently being distributed to hospitals as quickly as donations are coming in, maintaining the urgent need. While overall donations increased last month, donations in the local Carolinas Blood Services Region fell short of expectations by 1,719 pints. To prevent a shortage and ensure an adequate blood supply for patients the rest of the summer, the Red Cross especially needs platelet donors and those with types O negative, B negative and A negative blood. “The Red Cross is grateful for those who stepped up to give this lifesaving gift and reminds eligible donors that hospital patients are still counting on them to roll up a sleeve,” said Sharon Pitt, CEO for the Red Cross Carolinas Blood Service Region. You can go out and give today at Welcome Home Baptist Church in North Wilkesboro from 2 til 7; and at North Wilkesboro Presbyterian Church on Thursday, August 28 from 3 til 7:30.


Campaign Ends This Week

It's a national campaign that helps locally. The 6th annual Feds Feed Families Campaign continues through this month. With this food drive, Federal employees collect food for local food banks, food pantries, and shelters. “In Wilkes County, you can donate nonperishable and perishable food items and toiletries that will be delivered to the area food pantries,” according to Julia Houck, County Executive Director of the Wilkes County Farm Service Agency (FSA).  Houck said, “Items can be placed in the collection box in the lobby of the J J Hayes Federal Building located at 207 W Main Street, Wilkesboro."  If you wish to donate perishable items, such as extra produce from your garden, call the FSA Office at 336-838-3622.  According to the 2012 Census 22.4% of the people in Wilkes County live at or below the poverty level.  The 2014 food drive officially began on June 2 and will run through August 27.


Getting Ready for Emergencies in NC

As summer winds down and back-to-school gears up, state emergency management officials are reminding families to update their emergency plans. North Carolina Emergency Management asks parents, teachers and students to make a plan, get prepared and stay informed so they are ready for any type of emergency. “Emergencies can occur any time, any day, any place – even at school,” said North Carolina Emergency Management Director Mike Sprayberry.  While hurricanes are the most prominent weather threat in North Carolina during August and September--floods, tornadoes and even hazardous materials spills are also possibilities.  The best way to be ready is to be prepared. “Parents, talk with your children about what they should do if severe weather threatens while they are in school,” Sprayberry said.  Other tips for back-to-school emergency planning:  Create an emergency plan that contains phone numbers, ways to communicate with one another and where to meet if separated during an emergency; Make a card for your child(ren) to put in their backpack with all of the family’s emergency contact information; Know the emergency plan(s) for your child’s school or child care center; Learn where children will be taken in the event of an evacuation; and Find out school release policies for severe weather and other emergencies. Also, many colleges offer desktop, phone, email and text messages to alert students of severe weather and other threats. College students can sign-up for such alerts at little to no charge. For more information about how to get ready for emergencies, go to 


Kicked In and Stole Thousands

The thief kicked in the basement door and then left with over 6200 dollars in property.  The home break-in happened at a house on White Plains Road in Roaring River.  The homeowner found the basement door to their home forced open.  Several things were reported stolen including several Case knives, Kobalt tools, Rolex and Seiko watches, Scripto and Zippo lighters, gold and diamond jewelry, rolled change, and a tote bag.  Again, stolen property totaled $6200.  Damages to the door estimated at $400. No suspects were listed with the report.  The Wilkes Sheriff's Office is investigating the break-in.


Parking Lot Mishaps

Wilkesboro Police has had a list of parking lot wrecks to investigate this week.  There was a hit and run fender bender in the Walmart parking lot.  A witness told the victim about seeing the accident and store surveillance confirmed the witness account.  Police have a tag number of that vehicle and charges are pending.  Other bump-ups happened at Payne Power Equipment, Wilkes Community College, and Samaritan's Purse.  Damages ranged from 50 dollars to 600 dollars.  No injuries were reported with either parking lot collision.