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Calling All Local Artists

Calling all local Wilkes County artists.  The North Carolina Symphony is looking for a new face for its NCS Kids concerts and events—and it could come from you. In collaboration with Jerry’s Artarama and Artsee Magazine, the Symphony is launching an illustration contest to offer artists and designers a unique opportunity to display their work for a good cause.  Got a great idea for a Symphony mascot that’s family-friendly and appeals to both young people and the young at heart? Design one and submit it electronically to on or before Friday, February 18, 2011, and you could be a winner.  Along with the Symphony’s use of his or her design for NCS Kids events, the winner will receive: 

·      A gift card worth $1,000 in art supplies

·      $1,000 in complimentary guests passes to any North Carolina Symphony concert series

·      Mention in a future issue of Artsee Magazine

·      Mention on the North Carolina Symphony’s Web site and e-newsletter 


Farm Loans for Farmers in Wilkes

Wilkes County Farm Service Agency (FSA) Executive Director Julia W Houck reminds Wilkes County producers wanting a Market Assistance Loan (MAL) before December 31 to contact the Wilkes County office immediately.  The Wilkes County FSA office needs time to process a farmer’s loan and prepare loan documents.   MALs are available for several crops including wheat, corn, grain sorghum, barley, oats, upland cotton, extra-long staple cotton, long grain rice, medium grain rice, soybeans, other oilseeds (including sunflower seed, rapeseed, canola, safflower, flaxseed, mustard seed, crambe and sesame seed), dry peas, lentils, small chickpeas, large chickpeas, graded wool, nongraded wool, mohair, honey and peanuts.  Additional information about MALs and LDPs are available at the Wilkes County office or on line at


Over 350 Traffic Calls in 10 County Area

According to the Highway Patrol Regional Office that covers 10 counties including Wilkes…over 350 traffic related calls have come in today.  Mainly the reports were cars sliding off the roadways.  Only a few have been transported to WRMC with minor injuries, nothing life-threatening.  Earlier this morning there were several reports of accidents on Hwy 268 and reports of tractor trailers blocking Hwy 421.  Motorists were  advised throughout the first part of the day to be alert and exercise extreme caution on all roadways and were encouraged to drive only if absolutely necessary.  The Highway Patrol says area roads are open at this time but there are still some icy areas.  Drivers need to keep in mind that as temperatures hover around the freezing mark, roads could develop icy patches again late tonight and early Friday morning.  


Slippery When Icy; Don't Drive Today

The Wilkes County Communication Center tells 3WC News that there have been at least 75 calls today of traffic accidents.  Mainly the reports are just cars sliding off the roadways.  Only a few have been transported to WRMC with minor injuries, nothing life-threatening.  Earlier this morning there were several reports of accidents on Hwy 268 and reports of tractor trailers blocking Hwy 421.  The Comm Center reports that all roads in Wilkes are open but very slippery.   Surry County reports that there have been several accidents on I-77 especially from the Elkin Hwy 21 Exit and on south toward Iredell County.  From the NC DOT, Winter Weather affects interstates and all roadways across the state of North Carolina.  In the Western Region of North Carolina including Wilkes County, roads are being reported as covered with snow and ice from the Asheville area to the Tennessee state line.  Snow, sleet, and freezing rain are expected to continue to fall until the early afternoon across most of the state.  Motorists are advised to be alert and exercise extreme caution on all roadways, regardless of size, and are encouraged to drive only if absolutely necessary. 


Attempted Armed Robbery at Run In

It was an attempted armed robbery at the Run In of Wilkesboro Monday night.  Wilkesboro Police responded to an armed robbery in progress at the Run In on Oakwoods Road just before 10pm Monday.  Officers arrived within 3 minutes of the call.  The store clerk met officers at the door and told them a man with a gun tried to rob her before running out of the store.  The clerk told the man she didn’t have money in the store.  She pressed the panic button and he left.

The North Wilkesboro Police K9 unit was called to assist.  Officers were unable to find the individual; however, he was caught on video surveillance tape, so police have a description of the robber.  He is a black male, wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt, Khaki pants, and tan work boots.  He held the handgun in his left hand during the attempted robbery.  When he left, he ran around the east side of the store.  The video tape has been copied and taken into evidence.  Police are still looking for the suspect.


Citations for Two


Tuesday, Wilkesboro Police spotted a vehicle that appeared to have a small child in the back of the car not in a safety seat.  The officer conducted a stop and smelled marijuana in the car.  The driver admitted to smoking a small amount at a friend’s house.  A passenger in the car had two Xanex pills in her possession.  The passenger stated that she had a prescription but was unable to present proof that the pills were prescribed.  The driver was issued a citation for not having the child in a safety seat and the passenger was given a citation for drug possession.


Car Break-Ins With Witnesses


The Wilkes County Sheriff’s Department are investigating more car break-in and this time there are witnesses.  In the first report, the car was parked at the owner’s residence at the time of the break-in.  Someone in the house saw two Hispanic males enter the vehicle, go through a woman’s purse, and take some items from the car.  The two men left in another vehicle traveling toward North Wilkesboro from Suncrest Orchard Road.  Their vehicle is described as a blue, 4-door Honda Civic.  North Wilkesboro Police helped Sheriff’s Deputies look for the vehicle, but the car or the thieves have not yet been located.  The Sheriff’s Department is still investigating.


In the second, the car was again parked in the owner’s driveway at the time of the break-in.  The owner stated that he heard something and looked outside.  He saw the interior light on in his car and a white male standing beside the car.  He yelled at the man who then ran to another car waiting at the road.  The vehicle with the thief left at a high rate of speed.  The victim was unable to get any further description of the man or the getaway vehicle.  The owner stated that all 3 of his cars had been broken into, but nothing was reported stolen.  Sheriff’s Officials are checking with neighbors about any suspicious vehicles seen in the area.


Burglar Alarm: Damage But No Theft

Wilkes County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a burglar alarm at a house on Winfield Huffman Road this week.  When deputies arrived, they found that a doorknob to a basement door had been removed and an inside door had been kicked in.  Deputies searched and secured the residence.  The homeowner didn’t find anything missing.  Damages to the door and frame are estimated at 500 dollars.  Sheriff’s Officials do have a couple of suspects in this break-in and charges are pending further investigation.


Home Business Attempted Break-in and Theft

Over the weekend, the Sheriff’s Department was contacted with another attempted break-in.  This time the target was an outbuilding of a home based business on Yellow Banks Road.  Deputies arrived to the scene and discovered that entrance had not been obtained inside the building, but there was some property theft and damage.  Two windows on the front of the building were missing and the window on the side door of the business was broken.  There is no word on suspects.


Goodwill Says Be Sure


Our local Goodwill is urging consumers to double-check before donating goods this holiday season. Donors should check with their state attorney general or secretary of state’s office to find out if a charity is legitimate. By checking with state authorities, consumers can quickly identify whether an organization is, in fact, registered as a legitimate charity.   On a practical level, consumers should be cautious of donation bins that don’t clearly state the mission and contact information for the organization. While some bins are operated by genuine charities, many actually benefit for-profit organizations.  Goodwill sells donations of clothing and household items in its retail stores to fund career development and training programs that help people find jobs and reach financial stability.  For more information about donations or Goodwill programs and services, visit