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Moravian Falls Water Works Broken Into Again

In the past 14 months, the Wilkes Journal Patriot reports, the Moravian Falls Water Works building has been broken into at least eight times, and the latest was Monday morning. Rex Brown is the manager of the water association. He said the alarm went off and apparently scared thieves off before the sheriff's department could get there. Sheriff's officials say whoever it was, forced open a door, a window and tried, for the safe, but failed. Sheriff's officials say whoever broke in this time is not the same person who broke in any other time.


Nearly 7,300 in Wilkes Have Unclaimed Property

If you think you're missing some property, the NC Department of State Treasurer just might have it. Your property, and that of nearly 73 hundred others in Wilkes County. Now, we're not talking property like a house, but utility deposits, bank accounts, stocks, bonds, and other valuable items. In Wilkes County, there is nearly two million dollars in unclaimed property. The Wilkes Journal Patriot reports the largest amount of unclaimed property listed for one owner in Wilkes County is nearly 475 thousand dollars for Lowe's Companies Inc. in North Wilkesboro. To find out if you have unclaimed property, go to to search the online database of unclaimed property.


One Dead, One Charged in Iredell Co Murder

One man is dead, another's in jail, accused of murder over the weekend. Iredell County sheriff's officials said 18 year old Desmon Pless of Harmony died Saturday night and 20 year old Joshua Wilfong of Union Grove is in the Iredell County Detention Center on a murder charge. Wilfong and three others eluded police during a chase Saturday night, but the three were all taken into custody. Wilfong turned himself in on Sunday. Sheriff's deputies say all, including Pless, wee at a house where there was alleged drug use. A fight broke out, and shots were fired. Wilfong was in court yesterday and is jailed without bond.


Police Tipped Off; Woman Arrested

A Boone woman was arrested on a couple of charges after somebody called police and let them know where the woman was. Police say they got a tip on Saturday where they'd find a woman with two outstanding warrants. Police went there, spoke to the woman who admitted she knew about the warrants, and she was taken to jail. Police say the woman stands accused of assault of a child under 12 years old and simple assault.


DWI on Moped Lands Man in Jail

Driving while drunk, even on a moped, will get you in trouble. Proof? One Allen Cowles. Wilkesboro Police stopped him Saturday night on East Main at the Market Basket parking lot. The officer noted as he approached Cowles, a strong alcohol odor. When he refused to do the field sobriety tests the officer requested, so he handcuffed Cowles and took him to intake. There. police got a warrant to take Cowles blood and had EMS personnel collect the sample. Cowles was booked into jail on a 500 bond.


Foothills Christian College Adss 2 Locations

Just a year ago, Foothills Christian College expanded from a part-time to a full-time class schedule. Now, the college is growing again, with teaching to begin this fall on a limited basis at two remote sites:

Foothills Christian College President Dr. Charles Whipple, speaking on 3WC's Focus on the Foothills, said the schedule at both sites will be limited due to accreditation requirements. Only two courses will be taught at each location. You can hear Dr. Whipple's full interview with 3WC's Angela Henley on our podcast page at


Samaritan Ministries Taking Donations

As the economic downturn continues, places like Samaritan Ministries could use your help.
And they can take it any way you can deliver that help.
"We can accept financial donations, we can accept any donations (like) groceries and thing like that through the general public and we also do purchase items through the food bank."
Julie Smith at Samaritan Ministries says the donations are very welcome now since more people have had to ask for help with day to day needs.


Cops Find Man in Patch of Pot

You know you're in trouble when deputies arrest you in the middle of a field of marijuana. And he was. Forty-nine year old Wayne Evans of Big Oak Road in Pleasant Hill was arrested last week for manufacturing marijuana. Sheriff's detectives said they found more than 180 marijuana plants near Evans' home. They say they got a tip about the plants near where Oak Ridge Drive connects with Austin-Traphill Road on one end and Big Oak Road on the other. Evans was arrested and released on a 25 hundred dollar unsecured bond.


Police Spend Four Hours Serving Warrant

Wilkesboro and North Wilkesboro Police spent about four hours this morning trying to serve an arrest warrant on a Wilkesboro man. Police went to the address on Joiner Street just before 6:30 a.m. and asked the subject's wife if they could enter, as one officer saw a man in the house. She said no, then left. Police got a search warrant for their subject and when he wouldn't come out even after they used a phone to contact him, tried to talk to him via loudspeaker and even threw in a flash bang to scare him out, they called SWAT. SWAT members went in, searched the house and found the man hiding under a bed. He was arrested without incident.

Officers Arnder and Turbyfill went to 101 Joines St. with Det. Williams of NWPD to assist with the service of a felony . The suspect was Forrest James Nelson, Jr. and they spoke with Anisa Nelson, wife of the suspect. During the conversation, Arnder caught a glimpse of a black male movng quickly inside the house. Ms. Nelson refused entry to the officers. They spoke with her in attempts to identify the person Arnder saw and to gain entry to the home, but Ms. Nelson refused. She left and Det. Williams went to the magistrate's office to
obtain a search warrant for the home to locate Forrest Nelson, the suspect.
Wilkesboro officers remained at the residence and during this time the Wilkesboro SWAT team was activated
and responded. The SWAT activation was based on information that the suspect had used a deadly weapon in commission of the alleged crime and that a person was observed inside that may have been him making it possible that he had a weapon and was avoiding apprehension. Officers spoke to nearby residents concerning the circumstances and suggested for their own safety that they consider leaving the area temporarily. Many attempts were made by utilizing a public address system to contact the occupant to come out and there was no response. Major Minton with WCSO
was contacted and responded with their command unit and other deputies to assist, primarily with a "drop phone" that was tossed through an open window (after the screen was removed) into the bathroom of the house. The phone was used in attempts to contact the occupant and after 15 minutes of it ringing and PA requests to surrender, SWAT officers made entry pursuant to a search warrant obtained by North Wilkesboro officers. A "flash bang" distraction device was deployed just prior to the battering ram being used to force open the door. Officers located the suspect, Mr. Nelson, in a bedroom under the bed with a blanket over him and he was taken into
custody without incident. North Wilkesboro officers searched for evidence and the scene was documented and processed.
Wilkesboro Fire Dept. was present also just prior to entry of the home. No charges were pressed by Wilkesboro officers and the total time officers were involved was from


NCHP Commander Resigns

NC Highway Patrol Colonel Randy Glover has resigned his post. Governor Bev Perdue accepted the resignation this morning. In a release, the governor said she appreciated Glover's service and that she would announce who's on the Highway Patrol's transition leadership team. Purdue said she still expects to have a report outlining the structure and policies of the Highway Patrol, along with the selection of a new commander and further reforming the department by September first. Perdue said she still believes that 99.99 percent of the members of the NCHP serve the state with honor and integrity.