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Woman Claims Title Forgery

Wilkes County deputies are investigating a case of possible forgery on a vehicle title. Deputies say a woman called them and said that her ex-husband's family forged her name on a title transfer so they could sell an RV. The victim told deputies that she did not give permission or sign the title transfer. She said she tried to get the auctioning off of the RV stopped, but the auction company has refused to stop the auction.


Two Area Seniors Win LGFCU Scholarship/Laptops

The burden of a hefty educational expense won’t worry 120 Local Government Federal Credit Union members when they head to school this fall. That’s because they will have either a brand new laptop or $1,000 for textbooks—the result of winning an LGFCU Scholarship Award. Two of the winnters are from our area. The winners, which are selected by a committee of the Carolinas Credit Union Foundation, are announced each year in May. This year's list includes Kailee Hamby of North Wilkesboro and Hannah Harrison of Elkin.

In its 12th consecutive year, the LGFCU Scholarship Award recognizes a student’s academic excellence by maintaining a grade point average of 3.0 or higher, as well as high achievement in extracurricular activities; financial need is also a consideration. Graduating high school seniors and post-secondary students must be LGFCU members to qualify. The awards can be used to advance their education at the university, community or technical college of their choice.

The next application deadline will be announced later this year.


Former Commissioner Passes Away

A former Wilkes county commissioner who is credited with a big role in bringing a medical clinic to Clingman has died. Claude Eugene Shew died yesterday at the age of 79. Shew served as a county commissioner from 1982-1986. He was the first president of the Clingman Community Center and served on the board of directors. He was on the Clingman Medical Center board of directors, Blue Ridge Opportunity Commission board, and N.C. Poultry Federation board. He was also a member of the Wilkes Community College board of trustees, a member of the Wilkes Telephone board, and a recipient of the National Telecommunications Cooperative Association Excellence in Leadership award in 2005. He received a Governor's Award as volunteer of the year.

Funeral services will be tomorrow at 4pm at Pleasant Grove Baptist Church with the Rev. Dennis Murphy and the Rev. Carl Elledge officiating. Burial with military honors will be in the church cemetery. The family will be at Reins-Sturdivant Funeral Home from 6:30 until 8:30 this evening.


WCSD Busts Felon with Weapon

While the Wilkes County Sheriff's Department investigates several thefts, they're looking for a person who may have stolen from people as he carried a weapon. Sheriff's reports indicate that around eight o'clock on Saturday night, deputies stopped a man in Purlear they said was carrying hedge trimmers. They ordered the man to the ground and as he was handcuffed, they found a gun on him. A Miller's Creek woman said her car had been broken into and deputies say the victim identified items that deputies found on the suspect. Officials say the suspect is a felon and was charged with the theft and being a felon carrying a weapon. Investigators say some of the items reported stolen have been recovered and returned to their owners.


Woman Would Not Own Up to Her Own Identity

A Wilkes County Deputy arrested a woman over the weekend who claimed she was somebody she was not. The deputy said he got a tip that the woman would be a coffee house on Highway 18 and when the deputy went there, he found his subject. He asked her name, she gave a fake name. He showed her a picture of herself printed from a police computer and she still denied who she was and even claimed she had and ID in her car and asked to go get it. The deputy said he'd handcuff her and they'd go to her car together. As he reached for the handcuffs, the woman ran. He caught up with her and arrested her on four warrants...and resisting arrest.


Wilkes Budget Could include Furloughs

As part of their recent budget discussions. one Wilkes county commissioner has proposed furloughing county employees two days a month. Commissioner Keith Elmore said that furloughs wouldn't be popular, but would save the county about $70,000 a day in wages, or about $1.6 million over the year. It would be part of a plan to reduce a proposed 8-cents property-tax increase in the county's recommended 2010-11 budget.

The WInston-Salem Journal reports it's not clear if there's enough support on the board for the furlough proposal to pass, but the recommendation illustrates the tough issues commissioners have started to grapple with as they either raise taxes or trim more than $4 million from proposed spending or do some combination of both. A penny on the tax rate raises about $514,000.

County Manager John Yates presented the county's recommended $73.1 million budget Tuesday with a proposed tax rate of 65 cents per $100 valuation. The 8-cents increase compared to the current rate of 57 cents per $100 valuation means that the owner of a $100,000 property who pays $570 a year in taxes would see the bill increase to $650.

The budget also recommends a 15 percent cut in money to Wilkes County Schools compared with the current year, with a recommended $11 million for 2010-11. The appropriation for Wilkes Community College would also drop 15 percent to about $3.2 million.


More Taxes, Less Budgedt; Commissioners Decision

Wilkes County commissioners are having trouble deciding how they'll spend the county's money. And how to collect a proposed eight cent property tax. They said they're having to cut the budget by about four million dollar for fiscal 2010-2011 than last fiscal year and they'll have to cut even more if they want to avoid imposing that property tax increase. While some say cut the budget and keep services in place, with the current 57 cent per hundred of assessed valuation, others say cut the increased property tax and tighten government's belt.


WCC Issues Scam Alert

Wilkes Community College would like all local businesses to be aware that a Texas-based company has been soliciting funds for a t-shirt order for WCC Student Activities. Wilkes Community College has not authorized the printing of these t-shirts or the solicitation of local businesses.

WCC Director of Marketing Sherry Dancy says, "any fundraising or soliciting for college-related activities and products is done directly by college employees or board members. We value and respect our relationship with our local businesses and the support they offer to Wilkes Community College.” Individuals or businesses who receive solicitations on behalf of WCC should contact the college to verify the legitimacy of the request and report any concern.


Dingy Water Coming to Moravian Falls

If you live in Moravian Falls or are served by the Moravian Falls Water Association, our first story today is for you. The Moravian Falls Fire Department will be doing routine testing of water hydrants tomorrow. The testing, which involves opening up each hydrant and letting it run full-blast for a time, causes water to rush through the supply pipes, often dislodging sediments. Therefore, customers of the Moravian Falls Water Association my experience dingy water tomorrow, Sunday, and Monday.


Eating on the Run; Just Not Paying for It!

These guys will be eating their burgers somewhere else! Wilkesboro Police say got a call of two men, maybe in their early 20s who came to the Sonic drive thru, ordered food and left without paying for it. An officer later spotted and stopped a vehicle that matched the one in the restaurant's security video. The officer asked if the two men inside had been to the Sonic and they said yes. The manager came to the scene of the traffic stop and confirmed the pair as being the two who took the food. They agreed to pay him the eleven dollars and 61 cents they owed for it and he banned them from coming back to the Sonic.